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Процедура : 2015/0278(COD)
Етапи на разглеждане в заседание
Етапи на разглеждане на документа : A8-0188/2017

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Разисквания :

PV 13/09/2017 - 16
CRE 13/09/2017 - 16

Гласувания :

PV 14/09/2017 - 8.1
CRE 14/09/2017 - 8.1

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четвъртък, 14 септември 2017 г. - Страсбург Редактирана версия

8.1. Изисквания за достъпност за продукти и услуги (A8-0188/2017 - Morten Løkkegaard) (гласуване)

– Before the vote on Amendment 217:


  Richard Corbett (S&D). – Mr President, as all the votes seem to be close and as you seem to be checking every single one, why don’t we just do them all electronically directly? It would be quicker.


  President. – Thank you for the suggestion. This way everybody would be at peace.

– After the vote:


  Morten Løkkegaard, rapporteur. – Mr President, in accordance with Rule 59(4), I would like to send this report back to the committee in order to start interinstitutional negotiations.


(The proposal to refer the report back to committee was approved.)

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