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 Celotno besedilo 
Postopek : 2017/2280(INI)
Potek postopka na zasedanju
Potek postopka za dokument : A8-0112/2018

Predložena besedila :


Razprave :

PV 17/04/2018 - 21
CRE 17/04/2018 - 21

Glasovanja :

PV 18/04/2018 - 12.14

Sprejeta besedila :


Torek, 17. april 2018 - Strasbourg Pregledana izdaja

21. Okvirni sporazum med EU in Avstralijo - Okvirni sporazum med EU in Avstralijo (resolucija) (razprava)
Video posnetki govorov

  Ivo Vajgl, on behalf of the ALDE Group . – Madam President, Commissioner, dear colleagues, I would like, firstly, to stress the excellent work by our rapporteur, Mr Millán Mon. It was a pleasure to work with you, as you are a very committed and professional rapporteur.

Australia and the European Union and its Member States are strong and like-minded partners with deep bilateral relations and a long history of cooperation based upon common values and principles. The conclusion of the Framework Agreement provides a legally-binding instrument to upgrade and strengthen EU-Australia bilateral relations and to increase cooperation. Australia and the EU are both committed to advancing the protection and promotion of human rights, democratic principles and the rule of law. They are closely aligned in foreign policy issues, both being important actors in development cooperation and humanitarian assistance in the Pacific region, and in dialogue with the countries of Southeast Asia.

The high level of global mobility requires a multilateral approach based on multinational cooperation and shared responsibility. Furthermore, the partners are dedicated to intensifying dialogue and cooperation on migration and asylum. Moreover, the EU and Australia engage in cooperation on combating terrorism, as well as in the fields of migration and asylum, research and innovation, education, culture and environmental protection.

Finally, let me stress that in 2016, the European Union was Australia’s second-largest trading partner. Therefore, I also support the EU-Australia Free Trade Agreement, which must be conducted in a spirit of reciprocity and mutual benefit, while taking into account the sensitivity of certain products.

Zadnja posodobitev: 27. julij 2018Pravno obvestilo