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Press release

Maximising the potential of energy efficiency

Energy - 01-06-2006 - 17:27
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The European Parliament says energy efficiency is the greatest, fastest and cheapest reaction to energy security worries, rising and volatile energy prices and environmental concerns. MEPs are calling for existing legislation in the field to be implemented and for the Commission to develop new measures in its forthcoming Energy Efficiency Action Plan.

In a report drawn up by Alejo VIDAL-QUADRAS ROCA (EPP-ED, ES), the House highlights research claiming that the EU could save at least 20 per cent of its present energy consumption in a cost-effective manner. To harness this possibility, action is needed at Community, national, regional, local and international levels, by industry and by consumers. MEPs say that energy efficiency should be integrated into EU transport, agricultural and foreign policies.  Their proposals include: the creation of an Energy Efficiency Fund to support energy efficiency products; new fiscal measures; the extension of energy efficiency labelling and other consumer information schemes; a European buildings initiative to coordinate upgrading energy standards for new buildings; the encouragement of investment in energy efficiency measures; the replacement of old household appliances. Both Member States and EU institutions should set an example, with energy efficiency measures in the public sector - including a rethink of the multiple locations of Parliament itself.
The report also stresses the many energy efficiency measures already in force, including directives on buildings, combined heat and power, eco-design, emissions trading and on energy end-use efficiency. If this EU-legislation was fully implemented by the Member States, the EU would already be half way to meeting its target of saving 20 per cent of energy-use by 2020. MEPs are therefore calling for the Commission to speed up the infringement procedures for Member States not yet complying.
MEPs say consumers must be clearly and adequately informed, and are calling for an EU-wide information and awareness raising campaign on best practice on energy efficiency.
REF.: 20060531IPR08610