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Postopek : 2005/2638(RSP)
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Potek postopka za dokument : B6-0590/2005

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PV 16/11/2005 - 5.3

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See also joint motion for a resolution RC-B6-0584/2005
9 November 2005
PE 365.986v01-00
pursuant to Rule 103(2) of the Rules of Procedure
by Inese Vaidere, Ģirts Valdis Kristovskis, Konrad Szymański, Gintaras Didžiokas and Anna Elzbieta Fotyga
on behalf of the UEN Group
on the Northern Dimension

European Parliament resolution on the Northern Dimension 

The European Parliament,

–  having regard to the Second Northern Dimension Action Plan 2004-2006, endorsed by the European Council held in Brussels on 16-17 October 2003,

–  having regard to its previous resolutions on the Northern Dimension, in particular those of 16 January and 20 November 2003 on the Second Northern Dimension Action Plan,

–  having regard to Rule 103(2) of its Rules of Procedure,

A.  whereas the Presidency has called for a Northern Dimension ministerial meeting to be held in Brussels on 21 November 2005 in order to elaborate on the future of the Northern Dimension after the expiration of the current Action Plan 2004-2006,

B.  whereas the Commission is currently preparing its proposals for the future policies and actions of the Northern Dimension, which are scheduled to be adopted in 2006 and to come into force in 2007,

C.  whereas the European Council and the Commission have pointed out the importance of the Northern Dimension policy and its impact on the EU’s relations with its neighbours,

D.  whereas since its creation in 1999, the Northern Dimension policy objectives defined so far have not achieved the stated objectives and have been only partially implemented,

E.  whereas the recent EU enlargement has brought about a new emphasis and a new situation in the northern part of the EU, several Northern Dimension partner countries having become members of the EU, thus extending the EU’s border with Russia and making Belarus and Ukraine new neighbouring countries of the EU,

1.  Underlines that the Northern Dimension must be given new impetus and a new content in the context of the New Neighbourhood and Wider Europe policies, and must fully reflect the reality of the EU enlargement;

2.  Welcomes the fact that the Northern Dimension is applied to the Baltic Sea region with the aim of developing cooperation both within the region and in the bordering region to the east of the Baltic Sea;

3.  Emphasises that, owing to the new situation around the Baltic Sea after the EU enlargement, the importance of the internal aspects of the Northern Dimension must be increased and the policy given a content which extends to all the EU Member States in the region, given the new, enlarged north-eastern dimension;

4.  Calls on the Commission fully to extend the Northern Dimension to all EU Member States in its forthcoming proposal, in order to develop and strengthen cooperation between the EU Member States in the region and the Kaliningrad region and the north-western part of Russia;

5.  Points out that cooperation between the EU Member States around the Baltic Sea must be strengthened and deepened; notes, however, that the Northern Dimension is not in itself an efficient enough tool to achieve this, and that new policies must therefore be introduced, particularly the Baltic Sea Strategy;

6.  Underlines that as a result of the historical divide during the last century, there are substantial economic differences today among the countries of the region, and that the elimination of these disparities must therefore be one of the main aims of the Northern Dimension; notes that its financial resources should be appropriately directed, leading to a reduction in the disparity in living standards in the area, another aim being to facilitate the free movement of people, services and goods across borders;

7.  Expresses its support for the Council and Commission in their efforts to involve Russia in the policies within the Northern Dimension; stresses, however, that new policies should be substantially improved and that the EU common strategy towards Russia should be implemented, in full solidarity among the all Member States, in order to achieve its political, technical and economic objectives, i.e. to be an efficient tool in promoting stability, prosperity, human rights, democracy, good governance and the rule of law in Europe and the neighbouring north-eastern region, especially Russia, but also encompassing Belarus and Ukraine;

8.  Reiterates calls for improved coordination between the EU, the Arctic Council, the Council of the Baltic Sea States, the Nordic Council, the Barents Euro-Arctic Council and other bodies involved in Arctic and regional matters;

9.  Invites the Commission to pay greater attention to the areas of energy, transport and information networks in the context of the Northern Dimension in order to develop the necessary preconditions for the creation of an integrated Baltic electricity market and its integration into the Nordic and EU electricity markets, as well as to develop efficient transport networks in the region;

10.  Recalls that any infrastructural project in the field of transportation, energy and the environment should take account of the interests of all the Member States of the region;

11.  Calls on Member States to avoid unilateral decisions concerning new energy infrastructure in the Baltic Sea region which may be detrimental to the energy security interests of other EU countries;

12.  Calls on the Council and the Commission to propose common energy policy principles that will build up greater confidence among the Member States and create real security in this field;

13.  Recalls that the Northern Dimension has a notable impact on environmental policy in the region, and stresses that the development of sustainable exploitation of renewable natural resources should become a cornerstone of this policy in the region concerned;

14.  Acknowledges that notwithstanding centuries of foreign domination, a handful of small nations in this region have managed to preserve their unique cultural heritage, which in a significant way enriches and adds to the cultural diversity of the region, and stresses that the Northern Dimension policy must help to to preserve the unique national, cultural and linguistic identities of the nations of the region;

15.  Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Council, the Commission, the governments of the Member States, Norway, Iceland, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Canada, the United States and the regional cooperation partners.

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