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Ta dokument ni na voljo v vašem jeziku, zato v vrstici z jeziki izberite drugega.

Postopek : 2005/2662(RSP)
Potek postopka na zasedanju
Potek postopka za dokument : B6-0666/2005

Predložena besedila :


Razprave :

PV 15/12/2005 - 12.3

Glasovanja :

PV 15/12/2005 - 13.3

Sprejeta besedila :


PDF 94kWORD 59k
See also joint motion for a resolution RC-B6-0643/2005
12 December 2005
PE 368.182
pursuant to Rule 115 (5) of the Rules of Procedure,
by Ģirts Valdis Kristovskis
on behalf of the UEN Group
on the situation in Ethiopia
NB: This motion for a resolution is available in the original language only.

European Parliament resolution on the situation in Ethiopia 

The European Parliament,

   -having regard to its previous resolutions, in particular that of 7 July and of 13 October 2005 on the human rights situation in Ethiopia;
   -having regard to the interim reports of 17 May and 25 August 2005 by the European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) in Ethiopia,
   -having regard to Rule 115 (5) of its Rules of Procedure,
   A.recalling that the first properly contested election took place on 15 May 2005, and noting that the atmosphere prior to this date was peaceful and that, despite some irregularities, the election took place without major confrontation between the government and opposition parties,
   B.whereas the opposition is continuing to challenge the results of the legislative elections held on 15 May,
   C.whereas the ruling party used the outgoing parliament to introduce an amendment under which an absolute majority is required to put forward an agenda, thereby depriving the opposition of their right to submit an agenda or a bill for discussion in the forthcoming parliament;
   D.whereas, during the June demonstrations challenging the election results, the security forces’ actions led to the deaths of at least 42 people and the arrests of thousands,
   E.whereas the opposition members have been stripped of their parliamentary immunity;
   F.whereas opposition parties had called for non-violent protests in Addis Ababa against alleged election;
   G.whereas police shot dead at least 46 protesters, wounded 200 others and at least 4000 were arrested during the protests in Addis Ababa and other towns following street demonstrations in November which erupted into four days of violence when police started shooting;
   H.whereas political detainees include suspected government opponents from the Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD) and other opposition parties, 10 opposition members of parliament among them, as well as 14 journalists who had all been arrested or convicted under laws governing the press in previous years;
   I.whereas many of those arrested have been on hunger strike in protest at their continued detention without charge;
   J.whereas Prime Minister Meles Zenawi published “wanted” list of 58 people including members of parliament, journalists, civil servants, lawyers, aid workers, members of NGO's;
   K.Whereas Prime Minister Meles Zenawi already said that these detainees are likely to be charged with treason, which carries a possible death penalty;
   L.Whereas Amnesty International has received reports that detainees may have been tortured and some may have been killed;
   M.whereas Ethiopia is a signatory to the Cotonou Agreement, Article 9 of which stipulates that respect for all human rights and fundamental freedoms is an essential element of ACP-EU cooperation;

1.  Expressed serious concern at escalating violence and the current wave of arrests and condemns the excessive use of force by the police;

2.  Calls on the government to stop the use of excessive and lethal force against protesters and to either immediately charge or release anyone detained in relation to the protests;

3.  Calls for the immediate and unconditional release of those named to be prisoners of conscience arrested solely for the non-violent expression of their political opinions;

4.  Calls on the Ethiopian Government to guarantee that detainees will not be subjected to ill-treatment and will have access to their families and medical care; expresses particular concern for the health of prominent human rights defender Professor Mesfin Woldemariam, and calls for him to be transferred to a hospital immediately and given all necessary medical care;

5.  Calls on the establishment of an independent international commission of inquiry under UN responsibility to investigate the human rights abuses and bring those responsible to justice;

6.  Considers that, despite the political dialogue between the EU and the Ethiopian government under Article 8 of the Cotonou agreement, the latter has failed to fulfil its obligations with respect of human rights, democratic principles and the rule of law;

7.  Calls on the Commission and the Council to take a coordinated stance in line with article 96 of the Cotonou agreement;

8.  Calls on the Ethiopian government to respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on civil and political rights which include freedom of opinion, the right to hold peaceful demonstration and the right to organise political meetings;

9.  Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Council, the Commission, the Ethiopian Government, the opposition parties represented in the Ethiopian parliament and the African Union.

Zadnja posodobitev: 14. december 2005Pravno obvestilo