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Stadia projednávání dokumentu : B6-0329/2006

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Rozpravy :

PV 14/06/2006 - 9
CRE 14/06/2006 - 9

Hlasování :

PV 15/06/2006 - 9.10
CRE 15/06/2006 - 9.10

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PDF 79kWORD 39k
7 June 2006
PE 374.600v01-00
to wind up the debate on statements by the Council and Commission
pursuant to Rule 103(2) of the Rules of Procedure
by Brian Crowley and Romano Maria La Russa
on behalf of the UEN Group
on the increase in racist violence in Europe

European Parliament resolution on the increase in racist violence in Europe 

The European Parliament,

–  having regard to recent episodes of racist violence in Europe, for example in France and Belgium,

–  having regard to the forthcoming World Cup in Germany, beginning on 9 June,

–  having regard to Rule 103(2) of its Rules of Procedure,

A.  whereas there are serious concerns about the increase in racist violence in Europe and how racist incidents might affect the World Cup in Germany, as the globalisation of football has led to increased diversity on the field,

B.  whereas the principle of non-discrimination is enshrined in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and is therefore recognised by all Member States,

C.  whereas, under the terms of Article 6 of the Treaty on European Union, 'the Union is founded on the principles of liberty, democracy, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, and the rule of law, principles which are common to the Member States', and 'the Union shall respect fundamental rights',

D.  whereas EU Member States are democracies endowed with appropriate legal instruments to deal with breaches of the law and violations of fundamental rights as defined in the Treaties and in their national Constitutions,

1.  Welcomes the steps recently taken by political, religious and business leaders of reading anti-racism messages before games, promoting anti-racism advertising campaigns and sponsoring educational programmes;

2.  Welcomes FIFA's anti-racism rules, which were passed in March and will be enforced at the World Cup, which provide for players, coaches and team officials at the tournament to be punished for racist incidents, and the World Cup's slogan: 'A time to make friends';

3.  Insists that EU policies must defend and promote the principle of non-discrimination at all levels;

4.  Maintains that EU democracies must make every effort to implement policies to combat racism and punish acts of violence or incitement to racist violence;

5.  Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Council, the Commission and the parliaments of the Member States.

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