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Parliamentary questions
28 February 2011
Question for oral answer
to the Commission
Rule 115
João Ferreira, on behalf of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety

 Subject: Prevention of natural and man-made disasters

In its communication of 23 February 2009 entitled ‘A Community approach on the prevention of natural and man made disasters’ (COM(2009)0082), the Commission undertook to:

– establish, in 2009, an inventory of existing Community instruments capable of supporting disaster prevention activities, with the objective of assessing the degree of use of such instruments and identifying any gaps in their coverage;

– develop a catalogue of prevention measures and invite the Member States to assess the possibility of improving the integration of disaster prevention in national operational programming of EU funding;

– develop a comprehensive inventory of existing sources of information related to disasters;

– carry out a study on current practices of hazard and risk mapping in the Member States, and, on this basis, to develop Community guidelines for hazard and risk mapping, focusing on disasters with potential cross-border impacts, exceptional events and large-scale disasters.

As regards the first two items listed above, the Commission stated in its answer to question E-0424/10 that the report of a six-month study launched at the end of 2009 was due to be completed by the end of June 2010.

As regards the third item, the Commission stated in its answer to question E-0425/10 that preliminary conclusions of the work carried out would be part of a November 2010 report to be published by the EEA.

As regards the fourth item, the Commission stated in its answer to question E-0423/10 that it would develop the guidelines referred to before the end of 2010.

Can the Commission provide information concerning the results of the work done so far in these areas?

What specific actions has it taken – or does it intend to take – to implement the recommendations set out in the report on ‘A Community approach on the prevention of natural and man-made disasters’ approved by Parliament in September 2010?

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