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Parliamentary questions
13 October 2011
Question for oral answer
to the Council
Rule 115
Michèle Striffler, on behalf of the Committee on Development

 Subject: EU Accountability Report on Financing for Development

Given that developing countries, especially the poorest, have been particularly hard-hit by the global economic and financial crisis, meeting our Millennium Development Goal target of earmarking 0.7% of GNI for official development assistance by 2015 appears more necessary than ever.

However, there is currently a EUR 50 billion funding gap.

Is it realistic to continue claiming that the EU remains committed to meeting this target?

If so, where is the extra funding to come from? What steps will the Council and the Member States take to generate this additional revenue?

Will the Member States adopt binding budgetary timetables for development spending up to 2015?

Can the Council and the Member States give an undertaking to ensure in future that all new policy challenges, whether in the area of foreign relations, climate change or elsewhere, are covered by new and additional funds and that resources are not diverted to them to the detriment of existing development budgets?

Will the Council and the Member States back Parliament’s full involvement in the next OECD-DAC peer review of EU development cooperation?

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