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Parliamentary questions
7 February 2012
Question for oral answer
to the Commission
Rule 115
João Ferreira, Patrick Le Hyaric, Willy Meyer, Jacky Hénin, on behalf of the GUE/NGL Group

 Subject: Contribution of the CFP to the production of public goods

The fisheries sector, in addition to its key role of supplying fish and its consequent importance for the food balance in the Member States, has a wide range of functions and objectives. These all contribute to its socio-economic significance, which therefore cannot be assessed purely in terms of catch value.

Within the fisheries sector in the broadest sense, small-scale fishing is of particular importance in socio-economic, environmental, and cultural terms. The multifunctional nature of the fisheries sector (including aquaculture) finds expression in a whole range of aspects, for example:

– contribution to the advancement and socio-economic well-being of coastal communities, in terms of local development and direct job creation in the sector;

– preservation and creation of economic activity and jobs, both upstream and downstream from fishing as such (shipbuilding, processing of fishery products, tourism and catering, etc.);

– supplying products of high quality and nutritional value, such as fresh fish;

– conservation of the historical and cultural heritage and local traditions linked to fisheries;

– supporting education and scientific research related to seas, estuaries, and inland waters and helping to advance and update knowledge of the state of their ecosystems.

Given the above, can the Commission state:

1. what measures are being considered to ensure that the current reform of the CFP includes the necessary recognition and promotion of the multifunctional role of the fisheries sector;

2. what action it will take to support small-scale fisheries and help develop such fisheries' contribution to the multifunctional nature of the fisheries sector;

3. what concrete measures are proposed in the above fields;

4. how it will take account in its options concerning the future of the European Fisheries Fund, of the severe economic and social crisis currently affecting the fisheries sector?

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