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O-000061/2013 (B7-0211/2013)

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PV 01/07/2013 - 17

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Parliamentary questions
21 May 2013
Question for oral answer
to the Commission
Rule 115
Brian Simpson, on behalf of the Committee on Transport and Tourism

 Subject: Road safety 2011-2020 - First milestones towards an injury strategy

In its resolution of 27 September 2011 on European road safety 2011-2020(1), Parliament called on the Commission to develop, by the end of 2011, its policy orientations on road safety into a fully fledged action programme incorporating a detailed set of measures, with clear timetables for their implementation. In particular, Parliament called for further, clear and measurable targets for a 40 % reduction in the number of people suffering critical injuries, formulated on the basis of a uniform definition.

In its recent staff working document entitled the ‘First milestone towards an injury strategy’ (SWD(2013)94), the Commission presents an overview of the progress made so far. This consists mainly of an agreement on a common definition of ‘serious injury’ and a process for data collection, both of which the Committee on Transport and Tourism welcomes. Unfortunately, however, the document does not propose any concrete measures or targets for reducing the number of people injured on EU roads.

In view of the fact that every year 1 500 000 people are reported injured on EU roads, 300 000 of whom seriously, Parliament is concerned that, so far, no concrete action seems to have been taken.

How will the new common EU definition lead to initiatives to tackle serious injury? How will the Commission identify the most injury-saving measures?

When will the Commission set a target for reducing serious injuries by 2020? How will progress be monitored (in terms of timetable, milestones, mid-term review)?

When will the Commission take measures to protect vulnerable users? Will the Commission draw up a best practice manual for on-the-spot medical care of people injured in traffic accidents?

(1) OJ C 56 E, 26.2.2013, p.54.

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