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Thursday, 16 February 2006 - StrasbourgFinal edition
 1.Opening of sitting
 3.Documents received
 4.Transfers of appropriations
 5.Written declarations (Rule 116)
 6.Voting time
  6.1.Services ***I (vote)
  6.2.Strategic guidelines for rural development (2007-2013) * (Rule 131) (vote)
  6.3.New financial instrument for development in connection with the Millennium Goals (vote)
  6.4.Right to freedom of expression and respect for religious beliefs (vote)
  6.5.Outlook for Bosnia-Herzegovina (vote)
  6.6.Situation in Belarus in the run-up to the presidential elections on 19 March 2006 (vote)
  6.7.Risk and crisis management in agriculture (vote)
  6.8.EU forestry strategy (vote)
 7.Explanations of vote
 8.Corrections to votes
 9.Statistics on foreign affiliates ***I (debate)
 10.Approval of Minutes of previous sitting
 11.Communication of Council common positions
 12.Strategic review of the IMF (debate)
 13.Membership of committees and delegations
 14.Debate on cases of breaches of human rights, democracy and the rule of law (debate)
  14.1.Cultural heritage in Azerbaijan
  14.2.Sri Lanka
 15.Voting time
  15.1.Cultural heritage in Azerbaijan (vote)
  15.2.Guantánamo (vote)
 16.Corrections to votes
 17.Decisions concerning certain documents
 18.Written declarations included in the register (Rule 116)
 19.Forwarding of texts adopted during the sitting
 20.Dates for next sittings
 21.Adjournment of session
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