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Procedure : 2010/2206(INI)
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Document selected : A7-0265/2011

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PV 26/09/2011 - 19
CRE 26/09/2011 - 19

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Explanations of votes
PV 27/09/2011 - 8.12
Explanations of votes
Explanations of votes

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Monday, 26 September 2011 - StrasbourgFinal edition

19. Tourism in Europe (debate)

Report on Europe, the world's No 1 tourist destination – a new political framework for tourism in Europe [2010/2206(INI)] - Committee on Transport and Tourism. Rapporteur: Carlo Fidanza (A7-0265/2011)

Carlo Fidanza introduced the report.

The following spoke: Antonio Tajani (Vice-President of the Commission).

The following spoke: Seán Kelly (rapporteur for the opinion of the CULT Committee), Salvatore Caronna (rapporteur for the opinion of the REGI Committee), Rareş-Lucian Niculescu (rapporteur for the opinion of the AGRI Committee), Georges Bach, on behalf of the PPE Group, Spyros Danellis, on behalf of the S&D Group, Giommaria Uggias, on behalf of the ALDE Group, Ryszard Czarnecki, on behalf of the ECR Group, Frieda Brepoels, on behalf of the Verts/ALE Group, Jacky Hénin, on behalf of the GUE/NGL Group, Laurence J.A.J. Stassen, Non-attached Member, and Inés Ayala Sender.


The following spoke: Gesine Meissner, Olga Sehnalová and Izaskun Bilbao Barandica.

The following spoke under the 'catch-the-eye' procedure: Hubert Pirker, Janusz Władysław Zemke, Michael Cramer, Jaroslav Paška, Nuno Teixeira, Sergio Gutiérrez Prieto, Georgios Koumoutsakos, Silvia-Adriana Ţicău, Marian-Jean Marinescu and Lara Comi.

The following spoke: Antonio Tajani and Carlo Fidanza.

The debate closed.

Vote: minutes of 27.9.2011, item 8.12.

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