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Parliamentary questions
18 November 2003
ORAL QUESTION for Question Time at the part-session in December 2003 pursuant to Rule 43 of the Rules of Procedure by Marco Cappato to the Council

 Subject: Homophobic decision of the Greek National Radio and Television Council

On 12 November, the parliament-appointed Greek National Radio and Television Council (ESR) decided to impose a fine of EUR 100 000 on the private television station Mega Channel for showing two men kissing in the popular late-night TV series 'Close your eyes'. Mr Laskaridis, President of ESR, reportedly stated that 'there have been unacceptable and extreme dialogues which prepared a vulgar atmosphere and led to an event which might happen in the society but it is not usual. It is a peculiarity which is out of the productive process of life'. Demonstrations have followed in Athens, while the private TV has announced that it will appeal to higher courts, and a petition was signed by all private TV stations calling for a rethink of the decision.

Does the Council not believe that this decision is contrary to Art. 6 TEU and to the European Convention on Human Rights? Will the Council express its concern to the Greek Government concerning the homophobic decision of the ESR?

An nuashonrú is déanaí: 24 Samhain 2003Fógra dlíthiúil