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Parliamentary questions
4 October 2007
ORAL QUESTION for Question Time at the part-session in October 2007 pursuant to Rule 109 of the Rules of Procedure by Ingeborg Gräßle to the Commission

 Subject: Role of Commissioner Kallas's special adviser for buildings policy, Richard Boomer

In what business activities (positions and duties, direct and indirect involvement, such as shares and partnerships) in the property industry is Commissioner Kallas’s special adviser for buildings policy currently engaged? Since when have those business activities existed?

How does this square with Commissioner Kallas’s statement to the Budgetary Control Committee on 2 May 2007, to the effect that his special adviser had given up all his property activities?

The Commission has given the special adviser access to confidential and market-relevant information on its plans in Brussels. How does the Commission evaluate the commercial value of that information?

Original language of question: DE
Ultima actualizare: 9 octombrie 2007Notă juridică