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Parliamentary questions
4 September 2008
ORAL QUESTION for Question Time at the part-session in September II 2008 pursuant to Rule 109 of the Rules of Procedure by Zsolt László Becsey to the Commission

 Subject: Situation of European apple producers and quality criteria concerning concentrates

By what particular interests is the European Union guided when it takes into consideration the interests of importers rather than those of apple producers in its own Member States, given that the United States protects its own growers by imposing a 51.74% antidumping duty, in accordance with federal decrees 65 FR 35606 and 70 FR 22694, thereby restricting access to the USA for concentrated apple juice from China? Does the Commission consider it acceptable for European processors to enhance low-acid concentrated apple juice imported into the EU (e.g. from China) artificially (using lemon juice), rather than using Polish, Hungarian, Austrian, Italian, Romanian, Spanish and Portuguese apples with a high natural acidity, in accordance with Council Directive 2001/112/EC(1), as was formerly the case?

(1)1  OJ L 10, 12.1.2002, p. 58.

Original language of question: HU
Pēdējā atjaunošana - 2008. gada 9. septembraJuridisks paziņojums