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27 March 2007
PE 384.344v03-00 A6-0078/2007

on the proposal for a Council decision amending Decision 2004/585/EC establishing Regional Advisory Councils under the Common Fisheries Policy

(COM(2006)0732 – C6-0051/2007 – 2006/0240(CNS))

Committee on Fisheries

Rapporteur: Elspeth Attwooll



on the proposal for a Council decision amending Decision 2004/585/EC establishing Regional Advisory Councils under the Common Fisheries Policy

(COM(2006)0732 – C6-0051/2007 – 2006/0240(CNS))

(Consultation procedure)

The European Parliament,

–   having regard to the Commission proposal to the Council (COM(2006)0732)(1),

–   having regard to Article 37 of the EC Treaty, pursuant to which the Council consulted Parliament (C6-0051/2007),

–   having regard to Rule 51 of its Rules of Procedure,

–   having regard to the report of the Committee on Fisheries (A6-0078/2007),

1.  Approves the Commission proposal;

2.  Recognises that the current proposal relates only to the financial aspects of Regional Advisory Councils and that other aspects remain to be resolved at the time of the forthcoming review, in particular those relating to their number and composition;

3.  Calls on the Council to notify Parliament if it intends to depart from the text approved by Parliament;

4.  Asks the Council to consult Parliament again if it intends to amend the Commission proposal substantially;

5.  Instructs its President to forward its position to the Council and Commission.


Not yet published in OJ.


The purpose of the Commission proposal is to put Regional Advisory Councils (RACs) on a sounder operational basis by improving the conditions under which they are funded. This is to be effected by mainstreaming them into the budget, meaning a) that the Community contribution no longer needs to be a digressive one and b) that they are subject to a single method of accounting, rather than two separate procedures as at present.

The proposal is a very welcome one. The Parliament has been consistent in its support for the greater engagement of stakeholders in the development of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). It endorsed the principle of the regionalised input into the decision making process in its 2001 resolution on the Commission Green Paper on the future of the CFP(1) and approved the actual establishment of RACs in its report of 2003(2). In the latter, however, as it has done on a number of occasions since, Parliament called for a level and method of funding that would be adequate to support their effective and continued functioning.

Currently, four of the seven intended RACs are fully operational, with others likely to come on-stream in the near future. Moreover, an Inter-RAC Committee has been established to coordinate their activities. Recommendations and advice have been given to the Commission on more than 80 occasions and the RACs have also made a valuable contribution to the deliberations of the Parliament's Fisheries Committee.

It is appropriate, therefore, to take steps to ensure their long-term financial viability. For the avoidance of doubt, the proposal does not affect any other aspect of the RAC's composition and workings, which, indeed, will form the subject of a review to be published later this year. The Fisheries Committee awaits this with interest.


Miguélez Ramos, COS/2001/2115, (COM(2001)0135), OJ C 271 07.11.2002.


O'Neachtain Report, CNS/2003/0238, (COM(2003)0607), OJ L 256 03.08.2004, p. 0017-0022.



Amendment of Decision 2004/585/EC establishing Regional Advisory Councils under the Common Fisheries Policy


COM(2006)0732 - C6-0051/2007 - 2006/0240(CNS)

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Elspeth Attwooll




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Members present for the final vote

Jim Allister, Alfonso Andria, Stavros Arnaoutakis, Elspeth Attwooll, Marie-Hélène Aubert, Iles Braghetto, Luis Manuel Capoulas Santos, Paulo Casaca, Zdzisław Kazimierz Chmielewski, Emanuel Jardim Fernandes, Carmen Fraga Estévez, Duarte Freitas, Ioannis Gklavakis, Pedro Guerreiro, Ian Hudghton, Heinz Kindermann, Rosa Miguélez Ramos, Marianne Mikko, Philippe Morillon, Seán Ó Neachtain, Willi Piecyk, Struan Stevenson, Catherine Stihler, Daniel Varela Suanzes-Carpegna

Substitute(s) present for the final vote

Vincenzo Aita, Ole Christensen, Jan Mulder, Thomas Wise

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