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Odabrani dokument : A7-0144/2014

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PV 26/02/2014 - 7.10

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24. veljače 2014.
PE 529.748v02-00 A7-0144/2014

o prijedlogu Odluke Vijeća o izmjeni Odluke 2004/162/EZ u pogledu njezine primjene na Mayotte od 1. siječnja 2014.

(COM(2014)0024 – C7-0031/2014 – 2014/0010(CNS))

Odbor za regionalni razvoj

Izvjestiteljica: Danuta Maria Hübner

(Pojednostavljeni postupak – Članak 46. stavak 1. Poslovnika)



o prijedlogu Odluke Vijeća o izmjeni Odluke 2004/162/EZ u pogledu njezine primjene na Mayotte od 1. siječnja 2014.

(COM(2014)0024 – C7-0031/2014 – 2014/0010(CNS))

(Posebni zakonodavni postupak – savjetovanje)

Europski parlament,

–       uzimajući u obzir prijedlog koji je Komisija uputila Vijeću (COM(2014)0024),

–       uzimajući u obzir članak 349. Ugovora o funkcioniranju Europske unije, na temelju kojeg se Vijeće savjetovalo s Parlamentom (C7-0031/2014),

–       uzimajući u obzir članak 55. i članak 46. stavak 1. Poslovnika,

–       uzimajući u obzir izvješće Odbora za regionalni razvoj (A7-0144/2014),

1.      prihvaća prijedlog Komisije;

2.      poziva Vijeće da ga obavijesti ako namjerava odstupiti od teksta koji je Parlament prihvatio;

3.      traži od Vijeća da se s njim ponovno savjetuje ako namjerava bitno izmijeniti tekst koji je Parlament prihvatio;

4.      nalaže svojem predsjedniku da stajalište Parlamenta proslijedi Vijeću, Komisiji i nacionalnim parlamentima.


Council Decision 2004/162/EC of 10 February 2004, adopted on the basis of Article 299(2) of the EC Treaty (now Article 349 TFEU), authorises France, until 1 July 2014, to apply exemptions or reductions to the dock dues tax for the products listed in the Annex of that Decision which are produced locally in the French overseas departments of Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique and Réunion.

That Decision contains an Annex listing the products to which tax exemptions and reductions may be applied, while stipulating that the application of exemptions or reductions can not result in differentials of more than 10, 20 or 30 percentage points depending on the products.

Decision 2004/162/EC sets out the reasons for adopting the specific measures: remoteness, insularity, small size of the market and the low level of export, difficult topography and climate, economic dependence on a few products, and from time to time even natural phenomena such as cyclones, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

The remoteness of these regions and their dependence on air and sea transport, as well the raw material and energy dependence have a knock-on effect on production costs. The combination of all the handicaps leads to an increase of the cost price of goods produced locally, so that without specific measures they could not compete with those produced elsewhere. If local products cannot compete, it will become impossible to sustain local production, with harmful consequences in terms of employment for the inhabitants of those areas.

The specific measures contained in Decision 2004/162/EC were thus designed to strengthen local industry by making it more competitive.

By Decision 2012/419/EU amending the status of Mayotte with regard to the European Union, the European Council decided that Mayotte would have the status of an outermost region within the meaning of Article 349 TFEU from 1 January 2014, rather than that of an overseas country or territory within the meaning of Article 355(2) TFEU.

Mayotte was thus added to the list of outermost regions in Article 349 TFEU and the entire Treaty as well all Union tax legislation will therefore be applicable to Mayotte from the date of this status change.

The French authorities informed the Commission of their intention to introduce the dock dues tax in Mayotte, under similar conditions to those for Guyana, and requested authorisation from the Commission to apply a differentiated tax system according to whether or not products are produced locally. In their request of 24 May 2013, the French authorities sent the Commission a list of around 100 products for which they were seeking authorisation to apply a differentiated tax system according to whether or not the products are produced locally. The French authorities were asked on several occasions to supply additional information and, for each of the products covered by the request, to provide proof of the existence of local production, the market share held by this local production, and the additional costs of this local production in comparison to the same products produced elsewhere.

This proposal for a Council Decision thus amends the above-mentioned Decision by making it applicable to Mayotte, authorising the application of a differentiated tax system for 59 products produced locally in Mayotte, for which the French authorities have provided evidence that additional costs are incurred as required by the Commission, and proposing a maximum differential for each product limited to what is necessary to offset the lower competitiveness and additional costs of the local products.

The proposed Decision is submitted to the Parliament in accordance with Article 349 TFEU, and therefore under a special legislative procedure, whereby the Parliament is merely consulted.

As regards the substance, the proposed modification appears to be justified by objective reasons as it stems necessarily from the Mayotte status change as decided by the above-mentioned Decision of the European Council, and granting therefore an identical treatment to all the French ORs.

The proposed decision has a precise and well-defined scope, given that it applies to a limited number of identified products, and is subject to a short duration, as the authorisation granted to France expires on 1 July 2014.

Moreover, given that this measure will be effective from 1 January 2014, it is all the more important to adopt it swiftly for reasons of legal security, and thus the Chair proposes that this Commission proposal for a Council Decision be adopted without amendment, in accordance with Rule 46 (1) of the Rules of Procedure.



Izmjena Odluke 2004/162/EZ u pogledu njezine primjene na Mayotte od 1. siječnja 2014.

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COM(2014)0024 – C7-0031/2014 – 2014/0010(CNS)

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