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Friday, 27 October 2000 - Strasbourg Final edition
Rights of language teachers in Italy

European Parliament resolution on "lettori"

The European Parliament,

A.  believing that a citizens" Europe can exist only if rights conferred on citizens by the Treaties are scrupulously respected by Member States, in particular in matters on which judgments of the Court of Justice have declared the law with indisputable certainty,

B.  noting that the Court of Justice has since 1989 delivered three judgments(1) concerning the rights of persons who, prior to the first of these judgments, had been appointed in Italian universities to teaching posts with the rank of "lettori",

C.  noting the clear purport of these judgments, namely that the freedom of the persons concerned to move and work within the Union and their right not to suffer discrimination on the grounds of nationality were infringed by Italy's failure to grant "lettori" conditions and security of employment equivalent to those enjoyed by Italian nationals holding analogous teaching posts in the universities,

D.  regretting that, since the first relevant judgment of the Court of Justice in 1989, the Italian system, notwithstanding the obligations under Article 228 of the EC Treaty and the legislative innovations introduced in 1995, still does not seem in a position to guarantee the full protection of the rights of the "lettori" holding appointments,

E.  whereas retrospective invitations to the individuals affected to apply for technical administrative posts as "collaborators and linguistic experts" under the legislation of 1995 do not guarantee the right of those individuals to be recognised as continuing holders of teaching posts in their respective universities,

F.  whereas, at the request of representatives of the individuals concerned, the Commission commenced enforcement proceedings against Italy - with two distinct pleadings in law, one concerning the downgrading of the professional status of the "lettori", and the second seeking satisfaction of their acquired rights - calling for the State to take appropriate action,

G.  whereas, however, these representatives found it necessary to lodge a complaint with the Ombudsman concerning the Commission's decision to abandon, without informing the "lettori", the vitally important plea-in-law ("moyen') concerning the individuals" rights to be recognised as continuing to hold teaching posts, which has recently been upheld,

H.  whereas over these many years the affected citizens of the Union have suffered loss, stress and anxiety, have been involved in protracted and repeated litigation in hundreds of court cases over a period of 12 years, and have been frustrated in their reasonable expectations to carry out their vocation with fair prospects of career development,

I.  whereas the Italian Government unconvincingly claims that its obligations towards "lettori" have been fulfilled on the basis of its law No 236/95 that fully applies the principles of the Treaty,

J.  whereas citizens throughout the Union can trust in the Union and its institutions only if abstract declarations of rights for citizens are reliably enforced and complied with by the authorities of the Union and the Member States,

K.  whereas, especially given the EU's vocation to be a "citizens" Europe", this situation is plainly intolerable for the individuals concerned and brings the institutions of the Union into disrepute,

1.  Calls upon the Republic of Italy to take the required legislative, executive or administrative actions to satisfy the rights of these Union citizens;

2.  Calls upon the Commission to ascertain whether the Italian State is failing in its obligations under Article 10 of the EC Treaty to cooperate in the implementation of the Treaty and to take appropriate and effective action;

3.  Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Commission and the Italian Government and Parliament.

(1) See Case 33/88 Allué and Coonan v. Università degli studi di Venezia [1989[ ECR 1591, Joined Cases C-259/91, C-331/91 and C-33/91 Allué and Coonan and Others v. Università degli studi di Venezia et al. [1993[ ECR I-4039, Case C 90/96 David Petrie and Others v. Università degli studi di Verona [1997[ ECR I-6527.


Terrorism in Spain (Rule 51)

European Parliament declaration on terrorism in Spain

The European Parliament,

confirming its resolution of 30 January 1997 on combating terrorism in the European Union(1) ,
whereas terrorism is an attack on the common values that the European Union represents, violating such basic principles as the right to life and personal freedom,
whereas terrorism knows no frontiers and requires a democratic response on a European scale,
repeating its condemnation of the racist, xenophobic and fascist activities of ETA, confirming that they have no place in the Europe of freedoms,
calling for all citizens to stand firm against any legitimation of terrorism and in defence of life and liberty,
Firmly condemns the criminal acts of ETA and rejects any effort by ETA to achieve its aims by the use of terror;
Rejects all dialogue with any persons who carry out, incite, assist, justify or tolerate terrorist acts of any kind;
Expresses its active solidarity with the families of the victims, the Spanish authorities and all those who fight every day, at the risk of their lives, to ensure that the peace, freedom and democracy that prevail in the European Union also prevail in the Spanish Basque Country;
Urges the EU Institutions to adopt effective measures to combat terrorism, particularly the European search and arrest warrant;
Instructs its President to forward this declaration to the other European Union Institutions, the governments of the Member States and the Autonomous Basque Government.

List of signatories

Agag Longo, Ainardi, Alavanos, Almeida Garrett, Andersson, Andria, Aparicio Sánchez, Arvidsson, Atkins, Averoff, Avilés Perea, Ayuso González, Bakopoulos, Balfe, Baltas, Banotti, Barón Crespo, Bastos, Bautista Ojeda, Bayrou, Beazley, Berend, Berenguer Fuster, Berès, van den Berg, Berlusconi, Bernié, Berthu, Bethell, Blak, Bodrato, Böge, Bösch, von Boetticher, Bonino, Boselli, Bossi, Boudjenah, Bourlanges, Bowe, Bowis, Brok, Brunetta, van den Burg, Bushill-Matthews, Butel, Buttiglione, Callanan, Camisón Asensio, Campos, Camre, Candal, Carlotti, Carlsson, Carnero González, Carraro, Carrilho, Casaca, Cashman, Casini, Caudron, Cederschiöld, Cercas, Cerdeira Morterero, Cesaro, Chichester, Cocilovo, Coelho, Colom i Naval, Corbett, Corbey, Cornillet, Corrie, Costa R., Costa Neves, Cox, Cunha, Cushnahan, Darras, Daul, Decourrière, Dehousse, Dell'Alba, Dell'Utri, De Mita, Deprez, De Rossa, Desama, De Sarnez, Désir, De Veyrac, Díez González, Di Lello Finuoli, Dimitrakopoulos, Di Pietro, Doorn, Dover, Doyle, Dührkop Dührkop, Duff, Duhamel, Ebner, Elles, Eriksson, Esteve, Ettl, Evans Jon., Färm, Fatuzzo, Fava, Ferber, Fernández Martín, Ferreira, Ferrer, Ferri, Fiori, Fitzsimons, Flemming, Florenz, Folias, Fontaine, Ford, Foster, Fourtou, Fraga Estévez, Fraisse, Friedrich, Gahler, Galeote Quecedo, García-Margallo y Marfil, García-Orcoyen Tormo, Gargani, Garot, Garriga Polledo, Gasòliba i Böhm, Gawronski, Gebhardt, Gemelli, Ghilardotti, Gillig, Gil-Robles Gil-Delgado, Glante, Glase, Gobbo, Goebbels, Goepel, Görlach, Gomolka, González Álvarez, Goodwill, Graefe zu Baringdorf, Graça Moura, Gröner, Grosch, Grossetête, Gutiérrez-Cortines, Haarder, Hänsch, Hager, Hannan , Hansenne, Harbour, Hatzidakis, Haug, Heaton-Harris, Hedkvist Petersen, Helmer, Hermange, Hernández Mollar, Herzog, Hieronymi, Hortefeux, Hughes, Hyland, Iivari, Imbeni, Inglewood, Izquierdo Collado, Izquierdo Rojo, Jackson, Jarzembowski, Jeggle, Jensen, Jöns, Jové Peres, Junker, Karamanou, Karas, Karlsson, Katiforis, Kauppi, Keppelhoff-Wiechert, Keßler, Khanbhai, Kindermann, Kirkhope, Klamt, Klaß, Knolle, Koch, Konrad, Korhola, Koukiadis, Koulourianos, Kratsa-Tsagaropoulou, Krehl, Kronberger, Kuckelkorn, Kuhne, Kuntz, Lage, Lalumière, Lamassoure, Langen, Langenhagen, de La Perriere, Laschet, Lavarra, Lehne, Leinen, Liese, Linkohr, Lisi, Lombardo, Lulling, Lund, Maat, McAvan, McCartin, McMillan-Scott, McNally, Maij-Weggen, Malliori, Malmström, Mann T., Mantovani, Marchiani, Marinho, Marini, Marinos, Markov, Marques, Marset Campos, Martens, Martin D., Martin H., Martínez Martínez, Mastorakis, Matikainen-Kallström, Mauro, Mayer H.-P., Mayer X., Medina Ortega, Méndez de Vigo, Mendiluce Pereiro, Menéndez del Valle, Menrad, Miguélez Ramos, Mombaur, Montfort, Moreira Da Silva, Morgantini, Morillon, Müller E., Muscardini, Musotto, Myller, Naïr, Napoletano, Napolitano, Naranjo Escobar, Nassauer, Newton Dunn, Nicholson, Niebler, Nisticò, Novelli, Obiols i Germà, Ojeda Sanz, Oomen-Ruijten, Oostlander, O'Toole, Paasilinna, Pacheco Pereira, Paciotti, Pack, Palacio Vallelersundi, Papayannakis, Parish, Peijs, Pérez Álvarez, Pérez Royo, Perry, Pirker, Pittella, Podestà, Poettering, Poignant, Pomés Ruiz, Poos, Posselt, Prets, Pronk, Provan, Puerta, Purvis, Quisthoudt-Rowohl, Rack, Radwan, Randzio-Plath, Raschhofer, Raymond, Read, Redondo Jiménez, Ribeiro e Castro, Ridruejo, Ries, Riis-Jørgensen, Ripoll y Martínez de Bedoya, Rodríguez Ramos, Roth-Behrendt, Rothe, Rothley, Roure, Rovsing, Rübig, Sacconi, Sacrédeus, Saïfi, Sakellariou, Salafranca Sánchez-Neyra, Sánchez García, Santer, Sartori, Sauquillo Pérez del Arco, Savary, Scallon, Scapagnini, Schierhuber, Schleicher, Schmitt, Schnellhardt, Schröder J., Schulz, Schwaiger, Segni, Seguro, Sgarbi, Smet, Sommer, Sornosa Martínez, Souchet, Souladakis, Speroni, Stauner, Stenmarck, Stenzel, Stevenson, Stockmann, Stockton, Sturdy, Sudre, Sumberg, Suominen, Swoboda, Sylla, Tajani, Tannock, Terrón i Cusí, Theato, Theorin, Thielemans, Thomas-Mauro, Thyssen, Titley, Torres Marques, Trakatellis, Trentin, Turchi, Valdivielso de Cué, Valenciano Martínez-Orozco, Van Hecke, Van Lancker, Van Orden, Varela Suanzes-Carpegna, Vatanen, Veltroni, van Velzen, Viceconte, Vidal-Quadras Roca, Villiers, Vlasto, Volcic, Walter, Watson , Wenzel-Perillo, Westendorp y Cabeza, Whitehead, Wiebenga, Wieland, Wiersma, Wijkman, von Wogau, Wuermeling, Wurtz, Wynn, Zabell, Zacharakis, Zappalà, Zimeray, Zimmerling, Zissener, Zorba.

(1)OJ C 55, 24.2.1997, p. 27.

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