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Parliamentary questions
14 January 2009
WRITTEN QUESTION by Silvana Koch-Mehrin (ALDE) to the Commission

 Subject: European transparency initiative — register of interest representatives

In connection with the European transparency initiative, the Commission has set up a voluntary register of interest representatives. Following a pilot phase the Commission intends to examine the practicability of the register and gather practical experience for the future.

Non-governmental organisations in particular have advocated a strict registration procedure, especially as far as companies, law offices and associations are concerned. Non-governmental organisations are also interest representatives.

1. How many interest representatives are currently registered?

2. How many non-governmental organisations are currently registered?

3. Is the Commission planning measures to increase the number of registrations?

4. Does the Commission intend to continue the register? If so, will changes be made?

5. What is the Commission's view of non-governmental organisations which have advocated setting up the register but have themselves still not registered?

Original language of question: DEOJ C 189, 13/07/2010
Ultima actualizare: 22 ianuarie 2009Notă juridică