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Parliamentary questions
4 March 1998
WRITTEN QUESTION by Josu Imaz San Miguel (PPE) to the Commission

 Subject: Incident in Equatorial Guinea

Following the recent incident in Equatorial Guinea on the morning of 21 January 1998 in Luba, on the island of Bioko (Equatorial Guinea), bearing in mind the confusion surrounding the events, the limited and partisan information released and the brutal and repressive response by the dictatorial regime of Mr Obiang, in the form of arrests, rape, torture, widespread looting and killing, suffered by the Bubi people and the organization representing them, the MAIB, and in view of the recent visit to the country by a Commission delegation, what is the Commission's position on this grave attack and the persistent breaches of human rights suffered by the Bubi people and representatives of the MAIB and what actions or measures has it taken vis-à-vis Mr Obiang's regime to end the repression of the Bubi people and the MAIB?

What representations has the Commission made to the rest of the international community, both governments and agencies, in an effort to end this situation?

What assistance will the Commission lend to the Bubi people and the MAIB to enable them to work on an equal footing for the democratization of the country and to fight for their survival as a people?

Does the Commission believe that the conditions exist to warrant releasing EU cooperation aid for Equatorial Guinea?

OJ C 310, 09/10/1998 (p. 97)
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