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Parliamentary questions
29 October 2004
WRITTEN QUESTION by María Salinas García (PSE) to the Commission

 Subject:  Fisheries agreements with Morocco

The Commission recently stated that, in principle, it is not planning to take any initiative aimed at opening fresh fisheries negotiations with Morocco. Specifically, Commissioner Fischler and Commissioner-designate Borg both declared to Parliament that they do not perceive any interest on Rabat's part in opening negotiations and that, consequently, the Commission would not be making any approaches in this connection.

Nevertheless, many Community fishermen are suffering the consequences of the absence of negotiations since the breakdown of the agreements in 1999. In Andalusia, more than 200 vessels have been affected and a total of 151 vessels remain tied up pending an improvement in fishing relations between Morocco and the EU. As a result of this crisis, business has dropped by half in the markets of the ports of Almería, Barbate, Huelva, Malaga and Algeciras. Even though the Andalusian Government is earmarking aid for the fishermen affected, the regional government hopes that the EU, within the context of the good relations which have been established with Morocco since the change of government in Spain, might help to lay the necessary foundations which would make it possible to consider new fisheries agreements.

Would the Commission be prepared to make a fresh attempt at rapprochement with Morocco with the aim of facilitating cooperation on fishing-related matters?

Original language of question: ESOJ C 125, 29/05/2006
Last updated: 2 December 2005Legal notice