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Parliamentary questions
20 February 2007
WRITTEN QUESTION by Kathy Sinnott (IND/DEM) to the Commission

 Subject: M8 Rathcormac Fermoy bypass

The Honourable Member is not satisfied with the Commission's answer P‑5555/06 to her question as it tells her to ‘refer to the supplementary answer given by the Commission to Written Question E‑3803/06’. This does not suffice as the two aforementioned questions are not identical and the supplementary answer does not answer my second question.

In the Commission's answer to P‑3803/06, a number of statements and facts are incorrect. ‘The use of the co-funded section remains free of charge for road users’ is simply untrue. Currently, any north-bound traffic entering the Watergrasshill bypass cannot exit except through a toll barrier, and the same for south-bound traffic. It is an incontrovertible fact that the Watergrasshill bypass cannot be used without paying a toll. In addition, the claim that the ‘new route is being developed to high quality dual carriageway/motorway standards’ is also false, as there are no truck rest stops built along this new road, despite the government's promise that all new roads will have rest areas and facilities for truck drivers.

I had previously asked the Desk Officer in charge of investigating this case for copies of the correspondence from the Irish authorities but no reference to my request was made. If the Commission could provide me with all correspondence it has received from the Irish authorities, I could study this information and thus be in a position to point out exactly where you are being given false and inaccurate information and correct it.

The Commission appears not to fully understand what is at issue here. As I said previously I think it is essential that somebody from the Commission visit the road in question for themselves as it is the only way that the Commission will develop a clear picture of the exact nature of the problem.

Will the Commission send a representative to visit the road in question?

Will the Commission provide me with copies of the information and correspondence that it has received from the Irish authorities regarding the issue?

Will the Commission provide me with copies of all correspondence it has received from the Irish authorities regarding this matter?

Is the Commission willing to withhold judgment on this issue until it has the real facts?

 OJ C 293, 05/12/2007
Viimane päevakajastamine: 27. veebruar 2007Õigusalane teave