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Parliamentary questions
26 March 2007
WRITTEN QUESTION by Graham Watson (ALDE) to the Commission

 Subject: North Cyprus universities' participation in the Bologna process and in the Community education programmes

Cyprus is one of the 45 signatory countries of the Bologna process, an intergovernmental initiative launched in 1999 which aims to create a European Higher Education Area (EHEA) by 2010 and to promote the European system of higher education worldwide.

In January 2007, north Cyprus submitted an application for membership to the Bologna process and demanded inclusion of its five universities and the 40 000 university students studying in northern Cyprus in the European higher education area.

Since north Cyprus satisfies the criteria for applications for membership established in the 2003 ‘Berlin communiqué’, will the Commission take any concrete measure to ensure the effective participation of north Cyprus in the Bologna process?

Will any step be taken by the Commission to guarantee an increased cooperation and an effective participation of north Cyprus universities in the Erasmus and other Community programmes in the field of education?

 OJ C 293, 05/12/2007
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