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Parliamentary questions
29 November 2007
WRITTEN QUESTION by Simon Busuttil (PPE‑DE) to the Commission

 Subject: Implementation of EC law on fixed-term contracts in Malta

Following parliamentary questions E‑2530/07 and E‑3498/07, can the Commission report any developments regarding whether Legal Notice 51 of 2007 is in conformity with Directive 1999/70/EC as it excludes certain categories of workers from the benefits of this directive?

Particularly, in its reply to parliamentary Question E‑2530/07 the Commission had said that, ‘Following a preliminary evaluation of the new regulations, the Commission noted that these included exemptions which seem to raise concerns regarding conformity with Directive 1999/70/EC’.

Can the Commission confirm its position and how does the Commission intend to proceed with regards to this pending issue?

Original language of question: MTOJ C 191, 29/07/2008
Last updated: 10 December 2007Legal notice