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Parliamentary questions
22 April 2010
WRITTEN QUESTION by Alan Kelly (S&D) to the Commission

 Subject: Investigating deaths of EU citizens in third countries

Could the Commission indicate its position on the matter of the death of EU citizens abroad at the hands of state officials from third countries?

Are the families of those who died entitled to a full and transparent investigation into such a death and would the Commission use its influence with a third country to see that such an investigation could be held?

What assistance would it consider giving to a family that found itself in such circumstances, whereby state officials from a non-EU country are responsible for the death of an EU citizen?

One example of such circumstances involves the death of Mr Michael Dwyer, an Irish citizen in Bolivia. He was killed by an elite squad of the Bolivian police and many questions remain unanswered surrounding his death.

While I am aware that the Commission cannot address the specifics of this case, does the Commission feel, as a general principal, that EU citizens are entitled to full and transparent investigations into the death of loved ones in such circumstances?

While appreciating the limited role the Commission plays in external EU affairs, is there any action the Commission may consider taking that may be of assistance to the Dwyer family in seeking answers surrounding the death of Michael in April of last year in Bolivia? For example, would it ask the Bolivian government to allow an independent fact-finding mission to investigate the death of Mr Dwyer, an EU citizen?

 OJ C 138 E, 07/05/2011
Last updated: 26 April 2010Legal notice