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Parliamentary questions
24 January 2011
Question for written answer
to the Commission
Rule 117
Morten Messerschmidt (EFD)

 Subject: Apple's censorship of the Danish Mediaprovider company's ‘Android’ magazine

In most of the world, including in the EU, Apple's mobile products such as iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch have become incredibly popular. What the three products have in common is that they can access Apple's App Store, from where users can download the applications they want.

To date, Apple has refused to approve the application developed by Mediaprovider on the grounds that it is not in line with Apple's own rules. According to an article on the http://mediawatch.dk/artikel/apple-bans-mag-app-android-app-store webpage, the reason for this refusal is not entirely clear, but it seems to be based on a monopolistic approach since the ‘Android’ magazine only covers one of Apple’s direct competitors — the ‘Android’ operating system produced by Google. For further information, see: http://mediawatch.dk/artikel/apple-historie-loeber-verden-rundt?ipauth_no_cache=73ee435988c8dbb070d16978fc860bd0.

What is the Commission's position on Apple’s show of strength in this case?

What is the Commission's position on the fundamental issue, i.e. the fact that, through its market share and unique concept, a US firm can exert such influence that an EU Member State's lawful products are prevented from being sold on the same terms as comparable products in other Member States?

Original language of question: DAOJ C 279 E, 23/09/2011
Last updated: 25 January 2011Legal notice