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Parliamentary questions
3 January 2012
Question for written answer
to the Commission
Rule 117
Arlene McCarthy (S&D)

 Subject: The collection of statistics on tax avoidance by Eurostat

The Commission has acknowledged the vital importance of unbiased and thorough statistics as a basis for analysis of Member States’ economies and the drafting of recommendations to Member States regarding the management of their economy and their national budgets.

Recent economic and fiscal problems in the euro area have made clear the critical role played by tax avoidance and evasion in some Member States. It is therefore essential, as part of addressing weaknesses in the economic and budgetary frameworks of the EU Member States, that the role of tax avoidance and evasion is fully analysed and acted upon.

In light of this, what action will the Commission take to ensure Eurostat collects and verifies statistics on tax avoidance and evasion across the EU?

 OJ C 285 E, 21/09/2012
Last updated: 13 January 2012Legal notice