Rules of Procedure of the European Parliament
Provisional Edition - January 2017


Rule 123 : Statements by the Commission, Council and European Council

1.   Members of the Commission, the Council and the European Council may at any time ask the President of Parliament for permission to make a statement. The President of the European Council shall make a statement after each of its meetings. The President of Parliament shall decide when the statement may be made and whether it is to be followed by a full debate or by 30 minutes of brief and concise questions from Members.

2.   When placing a statement with debate on its agenda, Parliament shall decide whether or not to wind up the debate with a resolution. It shall not do so if a report on the same matter is scheduled for the same or the next part-session, unless the President, for exceptional reasons, proposes otherwise. If Parliament decides to wind up a debate with a resolution, a committee, a political group or Members reaching at least the low threshold may table a motion for a resolution.

3.   Motions for resolutions shall be put to the vote at the earliest possible voting time. The President shall decide on any exceptions. Explanations of vote shall be admissible.

4.   A joint motion for a resolution shall replace the motions for resolutions tabled previously by its signatories, but not those tabled by other committees, political groups or Members.

5.   If a joint motion for a resolution is tabled by political groups representing a clear majority, the President may put that motion to the vote first.

6.   After a resolution has been adopted, no further motions may be put to the vote unless the President, exceptionally, decides otherwise.

7.   The author or authors of a motion for a resolution tabled under paragraph 2 or Rule 135(2) shall be entitled to withdraw it before the final vote.

8.   A withdrawn motion for a resolution may be taken over and retabled immediately by a group, a committee or the same number of Members as is entitled to table it. Paragraph 7 and this paragraph shall apply also to resolutions tabled under Rules 105 and 106.

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