Rules of Procedure of the European Parliament
7th parliamentary term - March 2014
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Rule 130  : Exchange of information, contacts and reciprocal facilities

1.    Parliament shall keep the national parliaments of the Member States regularly informed of its activities.

2.    The organisation and promotion of effective and regular interparliamentary cooperation within the Union, pursuant to Article 9 of the Protocol on the role of national parliaments in the European Union, shall be negotiated on the basis of a mandate given by the Conference of Presidents, after consultation of the Conference of Committee Chairs.

Parliament shall approve any agreements on such matters in accordance with the procedure set out in Rule 127.

3.    A committee may directly engage in a dialogue with national parliaments at committee level within the limits of budgetary appropriations set aside for this purpose. This may include appropriate forms of pre-legislative and post-legislative cooperation.

4.    Any document concerning a legislative procedure at Union level which is officially transmitted by a national parliament to the European Parliament shall be forwarded to the committee responsible for the subject-matter dealt with in that document.

5.    The Conference of Presidents may give a mandate to the President to negotiate facilities for the national parliaments of the Member States, on a reciprocal basis, and to propose any other measures to facilitate contacts with the national parliaments.

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