Reports of the European Parliament
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Salvador Garriga Polledo
PE 338.074/DEF   A5-0269/2004
13 April 2004
95k  254k  143k 
Committee on Budgets Budgetary procedure
Report on the 2005 budget: the Commission's Annual Policy Strategy report (APS) - Committee on Budgets
Salvador Garriga Polledo
PE 294.441/DEF   A5-0139/2001
26 April 2001
120k  54k 
Committee on Budgetary Control Ordinary legislative procedure
Report on the change of legal basis of the proposal for a European Parliament and Council Directive amending Council Directive 76/308/EEC on mutual assistance for the recovery of claims resulting from operations forming part of the system of financing the European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund, and of agricultural levies and customs duties and in respect of value-added tax and certain excise duties - Committee on Budgetary Control
Salvador Garriga Polledo
PE 285.853/DEF   A5-0331/2000
13 November 2000
49k  78k 
Committee on Budgetary Control Strategic document procedure
Report on the Court of Auditors' Special Report No 8/99 on securities and guarantees provided for in the Community Customs Code to protect the collection of traditional own ressources together with the Commission's replies - Committee on Budgetary Control
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