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PE 477.301v01-00 Or. EN   P7_DCL(2011)0050
Authors : Slavi Binev,  John Attard-Montalto,  Nirj Deva,  Mario Mauro,  Hannu Takkula
100k  47k 
on the introduction of the programme ‘Chess in School’ in the educational systems of the European Union
Date opened : 2011-11-30
Lapse date : 2012-03-15
Adopted (date) : 2012-03-15
Text adopted : P7_TA(2012)0097 (the list of signatories can be accessed via a link in the text adopted)
Number of signatories : 415 - 2012-03-15
PE 453.712v01-00 Or. EN   P7_DCL(2010)0090
Authors : Mario Mauro,  Hannes Swoboda,  Konrad Szymański,  Hannu Takkula
99k  47k 
on freedom of religion
Date opened : 2010-11-22
Lapse date : 2011-03-10
Number of signatories : 199 - 2011-03-10
PE 431.839v01-00 Or. IT   P7_DCL(2009)0064
Authors : Sergio Paolo Francesco Silvestris,  Mario Mauro,  David-Maria Sassoli,  Mario Borghezio,  Magdi Cristiano Allam
100k  47k 
on the freedom to display religious symbols representative of a people’s culture and identity on public premises
Date opened : 2009-11-23
Lapse date : 2010-03-11
Number of signatories : 129 - 2010-03-15
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