Graphene in Europe

02-06-2015 15:30-18:00
European Parliament Brussels - Paul Henri Spaak (PHS) 7C050
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Graphene in Europe

From Nobel Prize to technology, innovation and industrial competitiveness



Chair: Paul RÜBIG - MEP, STOA Chair

Moderator:  Jacki DAVIS 

  • 15.30 Welcome

Paul RÜBIG, MEP and STOA Chair

Zoran STANČIČ, DG Connect, European Commission

  •  15.40 Introductory statement

Jerzy BUZEK, MEP and ITRE Chair

  • 15.45 Setting the stage: the graphene flagship from academic excellence to societal impacts

Jari KINARET, graphene flagship coordinator

  • 16.00 Keynote speech - Materials in the flatland: beyond graphene

Konstantin NOVOSELOV, University of Manchester, UK, 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics

  • 16.20 Panel session - Graphene's innovation potential and impact on European economy and society

Zoran STANČIČ, DG Connect, European Commission

Andrea FERRARI, University of Cambridge, UK

Annick LOISEAU, CNRS, France

Silvia LAZCANO, Airbus, Spain

Maurizio PRATO, University of Trieste, Italy

Ulla VOGEL, Danish Nanosafety Centre, Copenhagen, Denmark

Wolfgang TEMPL, Alcatel-Lucent, Germany

Amaia ZURUTUZA, Graphenea, Spain

  • 17:30 Q&A Session

Questions from the audience and social media

  • 17.50 Conclusions

Konstantin NOVOSELOV, University of Manchester, UK

  • 17.55 Closing remarks

Eva KAILI, MEP and STOA Vice-Chair

  • 18:00 Drinks reception and exhibition 

An exhibition on graphene will be organised at the European Parliament on the day of the workshop, as well as a drink reception after the meeting, on the first floor of the G area.

For further information please contact STOA Secretariat