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STOA Newsletters are Working Documents for the STOA Panel.
Their contents have not been refereed and they are not an official publication of STOA.
They do not necessarily represent the views of the European Parliament.

Issue Content
2008 - December
"Meeting Future Energy Demands and Tackling Climate Change": 7th STOA annual lecture.
2007 - December  "The future of the brain": 6th STOA's annual lecture.
2007 - August 20th anniversary special edition: celebrating two decades of technology Assessment in the European Parliament.
2007 - January STOA latest events and future work program for 2007.
2006 - August STOA's involvement to assess the options, risks and implications of RFID technology. 
2006 - January Following the reform: STOA's new profile and way of functioning.
2005 - June STOA in the 6th parliamentary term: new mandate and approach.
2004 - January
The key role of the European Parliament in establishing global policies that will shape the Information Society.
2003 - October
Strengthening STOA: the scope of the new STOA reform.
2003 - June
Improving EU policy-making: the need for more dialogue between the scientific and political communities.
2003 - March STOA's visit to CERN:  towards a better understanding of current ambitious fundamental research in Europe.
2002 - November
The role of the European Parliamentary Technology Assessment network (EPTA).