European Innovation Ecosystem for generating value

10-04-2013 14:00-17:30
European Parliament Brussels - Altiero Spinelli (ASP) 5G3
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Europe excels in the generation of scientific knowledge, but lacks the ability to transfer this knowledge into new products manufactured in Europe. Fragmentation, implying the lack of collaboration, not only between the Member States, but also between public research and the private sector, is another weakness underlined in the European Commission's 2012 Policy Communication on the European Research Area (see the ERA home page:
Moreover, European industry is also facing competitiveness problems that require the innovation chain to incorporate more and more added value in products and processes in order to address market needs. To boost this, the European Commission is promoting Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in particular key areas of development.
The key elements for an eco-system for generating value need to be discussed and implemented, all the way from the generation of scientific knowledge, as enabler for responding to concrete societal challenges, to market and industry needs, where the reinforcement of the science/ industry/ policy-making dialogue is crucial.
This STOA workshop should act as a forum for a debate among policy-makers, top-ranking scientists, high-level entrepreneurs and industry representatives presenting their vision of what could be expected from PPPs in core areas of European development (e.g. Energy Products and Advanced Materials Processes), and the interplay of PPPs with other policy instruments for Research and Innovation.
The aim is no less than taking a critical view on how to sustainably enhance European competitiveness by mobilising all the actors concerned, in order to realise the full potential of European research excellence.


 Chairs: António Correia de Campos (MEP/STOA Chairman) and Rolf Linkohr (former MEP & former STOA Chairman).

Moderator: Herbert Von Bose, European Commission

  • 14:00   António Correia de Campos and Rodrigo Martins, Welcome and opening.
  • 14:15   Andre Geim, Physics Nobel Laureate 2010, Unspoken Crisis.
  • 14:30   Hermann Grimmeiss, Past President of E-MRS, Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Innovation and European research Infrastructures -Weaknesses of the European Research.
  • 14:45   Wolfgang Mehr, CEO, IHP-Innovations, Transfer of inventions into new products.
  • 15:00   Luc Van den Hove, president and CEO of IMEC, Europe ’s sustainable innovation engine.
  • 15:15   Jan Andersen, University of Copehagen, Faculty of Sciences.
  • 15:30   Peter Rigby, EMIRI CEO, presentation on potential PPP Materials for Energy.
  • 15:45   Loredana Ghinea, SPIRE CEO, presentation on potential PPP Advanced Materials Processes.
  • 16:00   Marisa Matias, MEP, rapporteur on ‘European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT): Strategic innovation agenda 2014-2020’, An MEP vision on the role of PPP for European growth.
  • Break: 16:15 - 16:30
  • 16:30- 17:20: Roundtable discussion
       Discussion opened to all
  • 17:20: Closing remarks: António Correia de Campos and Rodrigo Martins
Rapporteurs: Marco Falzetti (A4M), Marcin Sadowski (E.C.) and Rodrigo Martins (E-MRS)


Peter Ide-Kostic, STOA Administrator:
Paul Siffert (Secretary General of E-MRS) and Rodrigo Martins (President of E-MRS) at: European Materials Research Society, Strasbourg, France:
See also: ///
-        Faculty of Science and Technology of New University of Lisbon, Portugal: