19-03-2019 - 08:00
The science and ethics of gene drive technology
European Parliament, Brussels, Altiero Spinelli building, room 7-F387

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This event will present the results of a preliminary scientific foresight analysis on a technology that holds promise for the fight against malaria and is subject of an often-polarised debate: gene drive. This genetic technology can reduce populations of malaria-transmitting mosquitoes, thereby decreasing malaria incidence. A panel discussion will be held on the technology and the concerns and opportunities linked to it, as well as on how risks could be assessed.

Case study: Eradicating malaria.

Working Breakfast Programme

8:00 Introduction

  • Kay SWINBURNE, MEP and Workshop Chair

8:10 Project presentation

  • Jens VAN STEERTEGHEM, KU Leuven (*)

8:25 Panel presentations

  • Delphine THIZY, Stakeholder engagement manager, Target Malaria
  • Philip Bob JUSU, representing Ambassador Awad SAKINE, African Union
  • Sybille van den Hove, independent expert on the precautionary principle, Bridging for Sustainability SPRL

8:45 Discussion

9:20 Closing remarks

(*) former trainee Scientific Forsight Unit (until 28 February 2019)