20-03-2019 - 09:30
Is artificial intelligence a human rights issue?
European Parliament Brussels - Paul-Henri Spaak (PHS) building 4-B1

Artificial Intelligence  
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The workshop will assess the capacity of the existing universal human rights and ethics framework to confront emerging governance challenges when it comes to rapidly evolving and emerging artificial intelligence (AI) applications. It will also provide the space for discussion of EU’s potential to lead the development of a human-centric AI by reaffirming its values and putting adequate safeguards in place for rights and define a human-centric direction of AI innovation.


09:30 Welcome of the STOA Chair

Eva KAILI, MEP, Chair of the Panel for the Future of Science and Technology (STOA)

09:45 Artificial intelligence and human rights

Professor Jason M. Schultz, NYU School of Law

10:00-10:45 Why do human rights matter in the context of AI? (moderated by Eva KAILI)

· Ekkehard ERNST, Chief Macroeconomist, Research Department, ILO

· Joanna GOODEY, Head of Unit, European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights

· Dimitris PANOPOULOS, Suite 5-ChildRescue-Collective Awareness Platform for Missing Children Investigation and Rescue

10:45-11:30 How AI impacts human rights? (moderated by Marietje SCHAAKE, MEP)

· Silkie CARLO, Chief Executive of Big Brother Watch

· Lorena JAUME-PALASI, founder of the Ethical Tech Society

· Lofred MADZOU, Project Lead, AI & Machine Learning, World Economic Forum

11:30-12:15 How to address AI-related human-rights harms? (moderated by Michał BONI)

· Professor Aimee VAN WYNSBERGHE, TU Delft-Member of the High-Level Expert Group on AI

· Fanny HIDVEGI, Access Now - Member of the High-Level Expert Group on AI

· Can YEGINSU, Barrister, 4 New Square Chambers

12:15-12:30 Discussion and closing remarks

Michał BΟΝΙ, MEP-Member of LIBE Committee