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What if we genetically engineered an entire species? 
At a Glance 

‘Gene drives’ are best known for their capacity to suppress malaria by eradicating mosquito populations. However, its applications reach even further, including the potential to eliminate other insect-transmitted diseases, erasing herbicide and pesticide resistance in weeds and pests, and removing invasive species from ecosystems. How do we navigate the potential benefits and significant risks that are involved in gene drive use?

What if algorithms could abide by ethical principles? 
At a Glance 

Algorithms, are step-by-step procedure for solving a problem, usually expressed in computer code as a set of instructions for a computer to follow in order to complete a task. Day-to-day decisions around the world are increasingly based on data science techniques powered by machine learning algorithms that are gradually making a meaningful impact on human lives. For example, the operation of intermediary platforms that propose accommodation (AirBnB) or transportation alternatives (Uber) are extensively ...

Global Trends to 2035 - Economy and Society 

This study maps and analyses current and future global trends in the fields of economics and society, covering the period to 2035. Drawing on and complementing existing literature, it summarises and analyses the findings of relevant foresight studies in relation to such global trends. It traces recent changes in the perceived trajectory of already-identified trends and identifies significant new or emerging trends. It also addresses potential policy implications of such trends for the EU.

Galileo Satellite Navigation System 

This study explains the background necessary for understanding of the Global Satellite Navigation System (GNSS) working principles and the importance of GNSS in our daily life and work. It highlights the specific socio-economic and strategic advantages enabled by the European satellite navigation system ‘Galileo’. It also identifies some of the gaps and challenges towards Galileo’s final operational capability expected in 2021. The study proposes different policy options in order to maximise the ...