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parlamentarium Simone Veil (EN)

Discovering Europe while having fun!


A new space dedicated for visitors has opened its doors in the heart of the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Structured around three zones -a 360° projection room, a role-play game for groups of 16-32 participants and a series of interactive modules- the parlamentarium Simone Veil offers the opportunity to better understand how the European Union operates, more specifically the role of the European Parliament, in an interactive and entertaining way. 


The Chamber at 360°

A panoramic projection room enables a full immersion in the hemicycle and the daily work of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). Two films are shown. One explains the legislative work of the MEPs. The other one deals with the overall role of the European Parliament, as well as the achievements and challenges faced by the European Union. The cinema room can welcome up to 50 persons per group.


Interactive space

Interactive stations introduce the European Parliament's composition, the way EU institutions adopt legislation and budget, as well as concrete examples of projects funded by European funds in Member States.

Visitors can also follow closely the work of MEPs and communicate with them.

In addition, a photobooth enables visitors to go back home with a souvenir of their visit and to keep in contact with the institution.


Role-play game

A role-play game allows groups of 16-32 participants to stimulate the European Parliament legislative work. It is meant for groups of youth, but it is also open to adults depending on availability. In a space structured around the main places of political activity (hemicycle, committees and political groups rooms, press room), players negotiate two directives in parallel,  thanks to a series of interactive devices.



The parlamentarium Simone Veil in Strasbourg being located on the premises of the European Parliament, it follows the same opening hours.

Outside plenary sessions*, it is accessible:

- for organised visits (groups of 20-75 persons max.) from Monday to Friday morning (9.00-12.00) for guided tours, 

following prior booking:

- for spontaneous visits (individuals and groups), from Monday to Friday afternoon (1.00-5.00 pm), as well as on Saturday during the day (9.30-12.00 am + 1.00-5.00 pm) with an audioguide, without prior registration.

Further details: click here


During plenary sessions*, it is accessible:

- to groups of visitors (10-50 persons), without any prior registration as it is included in the standard visit to be booked via:

- to individual visitors (< 10 personnes) (Visitors' entrance n°2, Louise Weiss building):

  • Monday 17.00-18.00
  • Tuesday, Wednesday 9.00-12.00 and 15.00-18.00
  • Thursday 9.00-12.00

Regulation regarding access to the Parliament buildings requires any visitor to be accompanied by an authorised agent. Besides, each visitor should have an ID with them (identity card or passport).

Visits are allowed for people as of 14-year-old. Below that age, a special derogation may be given, following prior notice at least 2 weeks in advance.


* check the calendar on the right for the dates of plenary sessions