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Visiting the European Parliament in Strasbourg

The European Parliament is open to visitors both during and outside plenary sessions.  


Visits during plenary sessions

For any visit (individuals or groups) during the plenary sessions, please consult:


Visits outside plenary sessions for groups

Outside plenary sessions, the Strasbourg Information Office organises free, guided tours for groups (10-50 people).  

The programme includes:

  • a visit of the interactive space of the Simone Veil parlamentarium
  • a 360° video screening (7-12 minutes)
  • a visit of the Chamber
  • a tour to the panoramic terrace, if conditions allow
  • a brief overall presentation of the European Parliament
  • upon request, an in-depth talk providing further information

Duration : 1 - 1.5 hour, possibly 2 hours in case of a conference

Languages :
Visits outside plenary sessions are normally proposed in French, German or English. In addition, Italian, Spanish or Dutch may be available.

For security reasons, visitors are asked to bring along their ID or passport.

The visit is accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Visits are open to children of 14-year-old minimum. For younger ones, special authorisation may be granted, provided that the Parliament is informed at least 2 weeks in advance.

The European Parliament is open to groups of visitors (10-50 people) from Monday morning until Friday midday, as well as on Friday afternoon the weeks preceding plenary sessions (see above calendar).

Requests are quite numerous. Therefore, it is recommended to book several months in advance (at least 3 months before the desired visit).


Booking a group visit

Group organisers are kindly requested to write directly to the Information Office, specifying:
- the first and last names of the group leader (Mr / Ms)
- the name and full postal address of the group
- the mobile phone number of the group leader
- preferred visit date(s)
- the number of participants (accompanying people included)
- the age range or the category to which participants belong (e.g. pupils, students, adults, professional organisation, etc.)
- the number of under 14-year-old children
- preferred language for the visit
- specific interests of the group
- special needs (e.g. people with reduced mobility)
- any other information useful to process the request swiftly and effectively

Requests should be sent:

by e-mail:
- for groups coming from France:
- for groups coming from Germany:
- for any other group:

by postal mail to:
Strasbourg Information Office
Allée du Printemps - BP 1024 F
F - 67070  STRASBOURG Cedex
Fax +33 /(0)3 88 17 51 84       


Visits outside plenary sessions for individuals

Special timeslots are open for individual visitors (< 10 people), following prior booking, at least 24 hours in advance, at the following address:

specifying the following elements:

  •     First name
  •     Last name
  •     Date of birth
  •     Nationality
  •     ID type (IC = identity card / P = passport)
  •     N° of ID

A confirmation will be sent to you by e-mail.

For any child under 14-years of age, it is kindly requested to send us back the following document, duly filled in:

Individual visitors (< 10 people) are welcome on Friday afternoon (13:30-18:00) and on Saturday during the day (9:00-18:00), according to the following schedule:


  • 13:30 : French
  • 14:30 : German
  • 15:30 : English
  • 16:30 : French


  •   9:30 : French
  • 10:00 : German
  • 11:30 : French
  • 12:00 : English
  • 14:00 : German
  • 14:30 : French
  • 16:00 : German
  • 16:30 : English

Duration of the visit: 1 - 1.5 hour

The programme includes:

  • a visit of the interactive space of the Simone Veil parlamentarium
  • a 360° video screening (7-12 minutes)
  • a visit of the Chamber

Closing days

The European Parliament is closed on Sunday, bank holidays as well as on some specific days, i.e.:

In 2017: 14/07, 15/07, 15/08, from 1st till 04/11 incl., from 23/12 till 31/12 incl.

In 2018: from 1st till 02/01 incl., from 29/03 till 02/04 incl., 01/05, from 09/05 till 12/05 incl., 21/05, 01/06, 02/06, 14/07, 15/08, from 1st till 3/11 incl., from 24/12 till 31/12 incl.