European Council in Edinburgh
11 - 12 December 1992

Part A - Conclusions of the PresidencyDeutschEnglishFrançais
* Introduction
* Treaty on European Union - state of the ratification process
* Subsidiarity
* Openness and transparency
* Accession of new Member States to the Union
* Promoting economic recovery in Europe
* Internal market
* Free movement of persons
* Justice and Home Affairs
* Migration
* Size of the European Parliament
* Seats of the Institutions
1. Application of the subsidiarity principle of the Treaty on European UnionDeutschEnglishFrançais
2. Subsidiarity - examplesDeutschEnglishFrançais
3. Transparency - implementation of the Birmingham DeclarationDeutschEnglishFrançais
4. Declaration on promoting economic recovery in EuropeDeutschEnglishFrançais
5. External aspects of migration policyDeutschEnglishFrançais
6. Decision on the seats of the institutionsDeutschEnglishFrançais
Part B - Denmark and the Treaty on European UnionDeutschEnglishFrançais
1. DecisionsDeutschEnglishFrançais
2. Declarations of the European CouncilDeutschEnglishFrançais
3. Unilateral declarations of DenmarkDeutschEnglishFrançais
Part C - Future financing of the CommunityDeutschEnglishFrançais
1. Financial perspective tableDeutschEnglishFrançais
2. Budget disciplineDeutschEnglishFrançais
3. Cohesion FundDeutschEnglishFrançais
4. Structural action: use of loansDeutschEnglishFrançais
5. Budgetary treatment of loan guarantees to Non-Member StatesDeutschEnglishFrançais

Part D - External Relations

1. Declaration on the former YugoslaviaDeutschEnglishFrançais
2. Declaration on the treatment of Muslim women in the former YugoslaviaDeutschEnglishFrançais
3. Declaration on Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent StatesDeutschEnglishFrançais
4. Declaration on the Middle East Peace ProcessDeutschEnglishFrançais