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It is only by working twice as hard to respond to the concerns of citizens that the European Parliament will win back the general public's trust. I look forward to the challenge, working for all Europeans over the next two and a half years.


Latest News

President Antonio Tajani sets out the European Parliament’s position on the EU budget and the Spitzenkandidaten process at the informal European Council

Press Release - Internal Policies and EU Institutions - Brussels - 23-02-2018

the informal European Council  
The next EU budget and the selection process for the President of the European Commission (through the so called Spitzenkandidaten method) were among the main topics discussed by Antonio Tajani, President of the European Parliament, and the Heads of State and Government of the EU27 at the informal European Council today. (Read more)
 (Brussels ). 
I am delighted to be with you industry leaders and industry representatives to share some views about the European Industrial Policy. As you know, I spent five years as Commissioner and Vice - President for Industry and Entrepreneurships. I have strongly worked for a European Industrial Renaissance. Industry provides 36 million direct jobs, and contributes to a high standard of living for our citizens. (Read more)
Discorso del Presidente del Parlamento europeo, Patto dei Sindaci
è per me un grande piacere che il Parlamento europeo ospiti questa riunione del Patto dei Sindaci, che rappresenta oltre 9 200 autorità locali e regionali in Europa. (Read more)
 (Strasbourg ). 
The European Parliament today approved with an overwhelming majority the revision of the Framework Agreement on relations between the European Parliament and the European Commission. The revision codifies the so called Spitzenkandidaten process as deployed in 2014 with the nomination of President Juncker. This process foresees that all political groups indicate their own candidate for Commission President following a selection within the political parties. The candidate of the political group electing the biggest number of Members of the European Parliament would be the President of the European Commission. (Read more)

Speech at the Business Event: “Investment, growth and job creation”, official visit to Serbia, 30 January-1 February 2018

Speeches - Hotel Metropol Palace, Belgrade - 31-01-2018

 (Hotel Metropol Palace, Belgrade ). 
We have just witnessed the signature of two important projects that concretise the exceptional relation between the European Union and Serbia: A project worth over 268 million euros to reconstruct and modernise the Sićevo-Dimitrovgrad section of the Trans-European rail corridor. This is part of the Connectivity Agenda for transport and energy connection across the Western Balkans and with the European Union. (Read more)