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Dieses Parlament ist das Herz der Demokratie auf Ebene der EU. Das Europäische Parlament wird immer auf der Seite der Menschen sein und daran arbeiten, das tägliche Leben von hunderten Millionen Europäern zu verbessern. Das Europäische Parlament wird in einer würdigen und gerechten Art und Weise arbeiten, die auf Respekt und Gleichbehandlung basiert. In Namen dieses Parlaments werde ich mich für Europa mit noch mehr Nachdruck, Transparenz und Sichtbarkeit einsetzen.



Discours du Président du Parlement européen Martin Schulz devant l'Assemblée des Représentants du Peuple - Tunisie

Discours - Interne Politikbereiche und Institutionen der EU - Tunis - 08-02-2016

Martin Schulz. 
C'est avec humilité et émotion que je m'adresse à vous du haut de cette tribune symbole de la démocratie tunisienne. Je vous remercie pour cet honneur que vous me faites et que je reçois comme une marque d'amitié et de confiance. En ce lieu où résonnent la vitalité et la diversité de la société tunisienne, je voudrais commencer par rendre hommage à tous ceux qui ont payé de leur vie ce combat pour la liberté, la dignité et la démocratie. (Fortsetzung lesen)

Turbulent Times - Speech at the London School of Economics


Speeches - Interne Politikbereiche und Institutionen der EU - London - 05-02-2016

 (London ). 
I am well aware that my reputation precedes me as being a guy who wears his heart on his sleeve. Some would even claim I am a provoker always looking for trouble. But rest assured I have not come to London to pick a fight, or to advise the British government on what to do; nor to lecture the British people on how to vote. I have come here as an elected politician, a representative of the European Union, one who is a passionate European - and I am proud to say so - but a pro-European who is deeply worried about the state of the European Union. I have come here to have a realistic debate and share my concerns with you about the shape of the European Union. (Fortsetzung lesen)

Speech at the Supporting Syria & the Region London 2016 Conference


Speeches - Auswärtige Angelegenheiten - Menschenrechte - Interne Politikbereiche und Institutionen der EU - London - 04-02-2016

Martin Schulz. 
For too long, the international community has turned a blind eye to the suffering of the Syrian people. Only when arrivals of Syrian refugees in Europe spiked this summer, after the World Food Organisation had run out of funds and saw itself forced to drastically cut food rations, did we wake up to the humanitarian catastrophe on our doorstep. Since, 2011, half of the Syrian population have fled their homes, running for their lives from the bombs of Assad and the brutality of Daesh. More than four million Syrians have found shelter in Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan. Half of them are children. (Fortsetzung lesen)

Keynote speech at #CPDP2016 on Technological, Totalitarianism, Politics and Democracy


Speeches - Interne Politikbereiche und Institutionen der EU - Brussels - 28-01-2016

Martin Schulz. 
We are living in the middle of a revolution. It is a revolution without banners, guns or a guillotine. But it is still a revolution turning the world upside down and leading us to question established certainties. As with every revolution, we do not know yet if it will work out for the better or for the worse. Both outcomes are possible: it is possible that in an on-line world more people will have access to knowledge, to innovative ideas and to global prosperity; that we will learn to understand one another better and to make ourselves understood better. But it is also possible that we will turn into remote-controlled ‘data cows’ who live in a world ruled over by a handful of multinational companies. (Fortsetzung lesen)

Speech by EP President Martin Schulz on the occasion of the Holocaust Remembrance Day in the European Parliament


Speeches - Interne Politikbereiche und Institutionen der EU - Brussels - 27-01-2016

 (Brussels ). 
I am very moved to be here with you today at this Holocaust Remembrance Day commemoration ceremony, organised by the European Parliament in cooperation with the European Jewish Congress. As a German born in 1955, I did not live through the darkest times in the history of my country. But the mass murder committed by the Nazis in the name of my nation was the reason I became involved in politics, as I vowed: Never again. (Fortsetzung lesen)