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It is only by working twice as hard to respond to the concerns of citizens that the European Parliament will win back the general public's trust. I look forward to the challenge, working for all Europeans over the next two and a half years.


Latest News

Press Statement with President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa


Press Release - Internal Policies and EU Institutions - Brussels - 22-03-2017

 (Brussels ). 
I am happy to welcome you today to the European Parliament, President Rebelo de Sousa. I am a true friend of Portugal. In the words of our poet, Fernando Pessoa, as he was both Portuguese and European, I also consider that Portugal is the face of Europe, looking out to the world. Portugal, um pais europeu e pró-europeu como lembrou o Presidente da Republica, em Estrasburgo. (Read more)

Sessant'anni del Trattato di Roma. Il futuro dell'Europa: tempi cambiati, valori destinati a durare nel tempo


Speeches - Internal Policies and EU Institutions - Bruxelles - 21-03-2017

Oggi festeggiamo insieme l’anniversario dei migliori 60 anni della storia dell’Europa libera. Questo momento deve ricordarci che, non solo oggi, ma ogni giorno, sono i cittadini i protagonisti della grande avventura della democrazia europea. Senza i suoi popoli l’Europa semplicemente non esiste. L’energia, la forza, la legittimazione per agire, viene dalla nostra partecipazione. (Read more)

European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, on the Citizens' Parliament and the Sixtieth Anniversary of the Rome Treaty

Press Release - Internal Policies and EU Institutions - Brussels - 21-03-2017

 (Brussels ). 
As part of his commitment of bringing the institution closer to its citizens, European Parliament President, Antonio Tajani, took the initiative of inviting 751 Europeans, equalling the number of MEPs, from across the continent to participate in a “Citizens’ Parliament” today and mark the sixtieth anniversary of the Rome Treaty on 25 March. (Read more)

Strengthening Regional Human Rights Defenders’ Networks in the Western Balkans, Eastern Europe and Turkey


Speeches - Internal Policies and EU Institutions - Brussels - 20-03-2017

I am proud to be the President of an institution that champions the voice of the people of Europe, defending human rights all over the world.People look to us when a journalist is jailed, when women, political opponents or minorities are the victims of violence or discrimination. The European Union is the only region without the death penalty. (Read more)

President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani on the Extraordinary Conference of EU Speakers of National Parliaments

Press Release - Internal Policies and EU Institutions - Rome - 17-03-2017

 (Rome ). 
European Parliament President, Antonio Tajani, addressed today the Extraordinary Conference of the Speakers of EU National parliaments on the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of the Treaty of Rome. “The European Union is facing one of the most difficult moments in its sixty year history.  Many of our citizens feel that Europe has lost its way, a feeling reinforced by the general climate of uncertainty both inside and outside the EU,” said President Antonio Tajani opening the Conference. (Read more)