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It is only by working twice as hard to respond to the concerns of citizens that the European Parliament will win back the general public's trust. I look forward to the challenge, working for all Europeans over the next two and a half years.


Latest News

European Parliament President concludes visit to France (21-22 September 2017)

Press Release - Paris - 22-09-2017

 (Brussels ). 
“Reviving the European project by reconnecting our citizens with Europe is our shared political responsibility. We have similar views with President Macron:  Europe must be more democratic and the European Parliament - the beating heart of European democracy - gives the Union democratic legitimacy,” said President Tajani at the conclusion of his official visit to France on Thursday and Friday. President Tajani held meetings with the French President, Emmanuel Macron, Prime Minister, Édouard Philippe and President of the French National Assembly, François de Rugy. (Read more)
 (Brussels ). 
Tourism is the answer to youth unemployment in many European regions. It’s a key vector for growth and employment, accounting for 10% of our GDP and promising 5 million new jobs over the next decade. We can do much more if we work together. If we want Europe to remain the world’s top destination, we need to support the competitiveness of the industry through bolder coordinated action at European level,” declared President Tajani ahead of the high-level event: ‘A European strategy to enhance the competitiveness of the tourism industry, a key driver for job creation’ to be held in the Plenary Chamber of the European Parliament in Brussels on 27 September, World Tourism Day. (Read more)

European Parliament President official visit to France (21-22 September 2017)

Press Release - Brussels - 20-09-2017

 (Brussels ). 
European Parliament President, Antonio Tajani, will pay an official visit to France from 21 to 22 September 2017. Ahead of the trip, the President declared: France is a great country that, along with other EU member states, can push for the change needed to make Europe more effective, democratic, and truly able to respond to our citizens’ most pressing concerns. As the only EU institution directly elected by the people, the European Parliament must play a key role in shaping this process. The future of Europe will therefore be at the centre of my meetings in Paris. (Read more)

Speech by the President of the European Parliament Antonio TAJANI to Plenary

Speeches - Internal Policies and EU Institutions - Strasbourg - 12-09-2017

Speech by the President of the European Parliament Antonio TAJANI to Plenary 
When I was elected, in January, I felt it appropriate to wait a little before sharing my vision with you. That gave me the opportunity to gain a fuller appreciation of the responsibilities incumbent upon me as President, but also of the responsibilities that rest with us as an institution and as Members. We have a year and a half left before the elections and we are facing major challenges: terrorism, illegal immigration, employment, climate change and Brexit. (Read more)

European Parliament President meets with President of French National Assembly, will visit France on 22 September

Press Release - Rome - 08-09-2017

 (Rome ). 
In the margins of the G7 Speaker’s Conference in Rome today, European Parliament President, Antonio Tajani, met with the President of the French National Assembly, François de Rugy. The meeting focused on improving collaboration between the European Parliament and assemblies in member states, the fight against terrorism, reform of the Dublin regulation, an investment plan for Africa and common defence policy. (Read more)