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It is only by working twice as hard to respond to the concerns of citizens that the European Parliament will win back the general public's trust. I look forward to the challenge, working for all Europeans over the next two and a half years.


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President Tajani: Asylum reform stalemate is a gift to populists and Europhobes and must be overcome by majority voting 
European Parliament President, Antonio Tajani, emphasised the urgent need to overcome the impasse on asylum system reform through majority voting in his address to EU28 leaders at the European Council meeting on Thursday. (Read more)

Speech by the President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, at the European Council

Speeches - Brussels - 18-10-2018

The delay with which Europe grasped the risks linked to the migration crisis and the time lost before delivering concrete answers, have given our citizens the impression that Europe is unable to deliver manage this issue. That, admittedly, is a perception, but we have to face up to it. Some have taken advantage of the situation by stoking up fears and constructing an anti-European narrative that has taken hold in many EU countries. The perceived ‘migration peril’ is an issue that is continuing to dominate the political agenda in some Member States. (Read more)
Address by President Tajani to European Parliament of Enterprises 
European Parliament President, Antonio Tajani, delivered the opening address at the “European Parliament of Enterprises” today. Bringing together lawmakers and stakeholders, the conference addresses challenges facing European companies today. From how to deal with skilled labour shortages, to maximising the benefits of EU trade policy for our enterprises, as well as harnessing the future of Europe to ensure that the EU continues to be “ready for business”, strengthened by a solid single market and a stable economy. (Read more)

European Parliament President opens academic year at the College of Europe

Press Release - Bruges - 09-10-2018

European Parliament President opens academic year at the College of Europe 
European Parliament President, Antonio Tajani, delivered the opening address for the inauguration of the academic year at the College of Europe in Bruges this evening. The ceremony was presided by the President of the Administrative Council of the College of Europe, Íñigo Mendez de Vigo.  (Read more)
Intervento del Presidente del Parlamento Europeo al dibattito sul ‘Futuro dell’Europa’ con i rappresentanti di regioni e delle città 
La priorità del mio mandato è avvicinare le istituzioni europee ai loro popoli. Per questo abbiamo bisogno di un’Unione più efficace e più democratica, che si articoli intorno al ruolo centrale del Parlamento europeo. Abbiamo avviato una serie di dibattiti sul futuro dell’Europa con i capi di Stato e di governo dei Paesi dell’Unione. I leader vengono a Strasburgo ad esporre la loro visione dell’Europa ai rappresentanti eletti da 500 milioni di cittadini. (Read more)
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