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EP President at the Extraordinary Conference of EU Speakers of National Parliaments

Press Release
Internal Policies and EU Institutions

European Parliament President, Antonio Tajani, addressed today the Extraordinary Conference of the Speakers of EU National parliaments on the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of the Treaty of Rome.

“The European Union is facing one of the most difficult moments in its sixty year history.  Many of our citizens feel that Europe has lost its way, a feeling reinforced by the general climate of uncertainty both inside and outside the EU,” said President Antonio Tajani opening the Conference.

“Today more than ever we need show that these challenges can only be overcome if we are united. United in a Europe that produces results: reducing unemployment, managing migration, guaranteeing security, promoting stability and upholding its values in the world,” added the President.

“Cooperation between the European Parliament and national parliaments is increasingly vital if we are to achieve this. We have all been directly elected by the peoples of Europe, and we must therefore take the lead in the efforts to close the gap between our institutions and our citizens,” Tajani added, highlighting that, “All of us representatives of the peoples of Europe have a great responsibility: to display strong political will and leadership to enact the values which bring us together. Europe is a success story when it embodies a dream of progress, prosperity, freedom and peace. It is up to us to change the image of an abstract, inefficient and bureaucratic Union and renew the passion of Europeans for this great project.”

The extraordinary Conference is organised in the framework of the upcoming Sixtieth Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome on 25 March. On this occasion, a common declaration by the leaders of the three EU institutions will be signed in the Italian capital.

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