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EP President Calls Venezuela National Assembly Speaker

Press Release

European Parliament President, Antonio Tajani, has denounced the recent rulings of the Supreme Court of Venezuela, which go against democracy and violate the principle of separation of powers.

President Tajani spoke with his counterpart, the President of the National Assembly of Venezuela, Julio Borges, to pass on the support of the European Parliament and declared:

“Today is a very sad day for democracy. Latin America has been experiencing important and positive changes in the last years but, today, we deplore that Venezuela has taken a step backwards from democracy”.

“We demand respect for democracy, human rights and the principle of separation of powers, as enshrined in the Constitution of Venezuela. A democracy respects its own Constitution.”

President Tajani followed up by contacting the leaders of the European Parliament’s political groups to include a debate in the agenda of the next session of the European Parliament on the serious situation of Venezuela next week.

“The European Parliament will always defend human rights, democracy and the rule of law in the world,” underscored, President Tajani.

The rulings of the Supreme Court of Justice deprive the members of the National Assembly of their parliamentary immunity, and at the same time, takes over  legislative power from the National Assembly.

To read the letter that President Tajani sent to President Borges, please see the attached file.

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