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EP President Meeting with President of Austria

Press Release
Internal Policies and EU Institutions

Following the meeting with the President of Austria Alexander Van der Bellen, European Parliament President Antonio Tajani said:

“I am happy that President Van der Bellen has chosen to set out his European views firstly here in Strasbourg. The European Parliament is the voice of the people of Europe. We have a responsibility to listen to citizens and contribute to a Europe that responds to their concerns.

Austria should be held high as a true European success story, having benefitted enormously from membership and enlargement. In the past, it was a country at the edge of the EU, with its back up against the Iron Curtain. Just over twenty years later, it is now at the centre of Europe, its successful economy at the heart of the Single Market.

As we prepare to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, I am counting on Austria to play a key role towards delivering a stronger and more effective Europe. I look forward to working constructively with President Van der Bellen for next year's Austrian Presidency. ”

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