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EP President on Brexit

Press Release
Internal Policies and EU Institutions

Following an open debate that will take place next week in Strasbourg, the European Parliament will adopt a resolution that will define its guidelines for the negotiation.

The Parliament’s first priority is to defend the interests of its citizens.

President Tajani said:

“This is the starting point of a difficult and complex negotiation to define the conditions of the United Kingdom’s departure.

“For this, we must ensure an orderly withdrawal through successful negotiations conducted in good faith, with fair play and in full transparency.

“This is in the interests of both the EU and the UK.

“An orderly exit is an absolute requirement and a precondition for any potential future EU-UK partnership. This is not negotiable.

“It is evident that the “no deal” scenario would be a catastrophe for all, but especially for the United Kingdom. 

“The UK would be faced with tariffs, uncertainty for the car industry and financial services, food prices would go up, air-traffic disruptions, long lines of lorries in Dover, just to mention a few.

“This is not what we want. However, we stand ready.

“The privilege of Union membership comes with responsibilities and these responsibilities mean guaranteeing the “four freedoms”. The four freedoms are the glue that binds it together and are indivisible.

“Close cooperation on defence, police, intelligence and judicial matters should continue with the UK whether there is a deal or not.

“We are moving on. The Rome Declaration has given us a fresh start. I hope it will generate new momentum, taking Europe forward, while bringing it closer to its citizens.”


Prime Minister May called President Tajani and the two leaders had a cordial and open conversation.

President Tajani let Mrs May that he appreciates the support that she has expressed for citizens' rights and that it is a good start that has sent a positive early signal.

He also said that cooperation on security and the fight against terrorism would be essential in paving the way for a successful future agreement.

The conversation concluded with Prime Minister May inviting President Tajani to Downing Street for more extensive talks.

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