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EP President on Security and Migration

Press Release
Internal Policies and EU Institutions

Security and migration were at the at heart of today´s meeting between European Parliament President,  Antonio Tajani, and the Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship, Dimitris Avramopoulos.

The discussion focused on the concrete solutions that the Parliament and the Commission are working on to provide answers on these main areas of concern for citizens.

President Tajani stated:

“We need to stress the urgent need for a strong strategy that focuses on migration, security, and stability. Cooperation with Commissioner Avramopoulos is excellent on files that are ongoing and the European Parliament is working hard to deliver concrete results”.

Commissioner Avramopoulos thanked the President Tajani for his personal and Parliament's key contribution in advancing the legislative work and stated:

"Citizens are expecting solutions from Europe. Both the migration crisis and the security threats are challenging our unity, our solidarity and our effectiveness in working together. We are determined to continue our work for a comprehensive European policy based on the principles of responsibility, solidarity and trust among Member States"

With regards to operational cooperation on border management and information sharing among Member States, the European Parliament President stressed that MEPs are currently examining a number of instruments to exchange data and secure borders in order to prevent terrorist attacks, including the future EU Entry-Exit System and a European Travel Information and Authorisation System, as proposed by the Commission.

“Terrorists do not respect borders and European cooperation to fight terrorism is essential and must be reinforced. We should raise our guard even higher when it comes to preventing terrorist attacks,” stressed President Tajani.

The revision of the Asylum Package, including the Dublin Regulation was also discussed. Before the summer recess, the Parliament should approve this legislation, which aims to implement a fair system based on responsibility and solidarity.

President Tajani underlined the urgency of strengthening cooperation with third countries to help them to improve border, migration and asylum management, and to facilitate and speed up the return of persons not eligible to international protection.

“The EU should mobilise all the tools at its disposal to ensure stability and manage migration flows in Middle East and Africa,” highlighted the President.

The European Parliament President was informed that the Commission plans to present on 12 April a strategy on better protection of children in migration. He also called on the EU institutions and Member States to intensify their cooperation in addressing the dramatic situation faced by the tens of thousands of missing migrant children in Europe.

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