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EP President on the Citizens' Parliament and the Sixtieth Anniversary of the Rome Treaty

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Internal Policies and EU Institutions

As part of his commitment of bringing the institution closer to its citizens, European Parliament President, Antonio Tajani, took the initiative of inviting 751 Europeans, equalling the number of MEPs, from across the continent to participate in a “Citizens’ Parliament” today and mark the sixtieth anniversary of the Rome Treaty on 25 March.

Speaking on Europe, he said:

“The recent elections in the Netherlands have confirmed that we are not tired of our Europe. We simply want it to work better. That it resolve problems: unemployment - especially among our youth - terrorism, illegal immigration, heath care, the environment, the defence of fundamental rights, women and the disadvantaged, inside and outside the EU

A Europe that is more concrete, a Europe that takes action. A true Europe.

It just takes commons sense to understand that weakening Europe will not help to resolve these problems.”


“Today, more than ever, unity is strength and it is through unity that we will overcome.

I was offended, as I think that everyone else was, when the President of Turkey alluded to fascism and Nazism when referring to some EU countries.

Europe is a guiding light around the world on fundamental rights. We have rejected capital punishment. We are much more than a market or currency.”


"We have overcome difficulties, mistrust and misunderstanding. We have built upon trust and solidarity

Together, we have worked to open up the world, improving rights and have contributed to helping countries coming out of the dark from dictatorship on our continent."

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